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Krabi FAQ for 2024 – All You Need to Know!

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[Page updated: 7 March 2024]

If you’re looking for our Photo Field Trips FAQ, it’s here.

Here is a page of frequently asked questions about Krabi town, Krabi beaches (Ao Nang, Noppharathara, Tub Kaak), and Islands – Koh Phi Phi, Koh Jum, etc.):

Our HUGE Krabi Solo Traveler Guide is Here >

Where is Krabi located in Thailand?

Krabi is about 800 km south of Bangkok. It borders Trang Province to the southeast, Surat Thani is to the north, Phang Nga is to the west, and Nakhon Si Thammarat is to the northeast. In relation to Phuket island, Krabi is northeast by car and can be reached in about 2.5 hours by bus or van from Patong Beach. There are also ferries that go between Phuket, Phi Phi, and Krabi mainland.

Is Krabi an island?

No, Krabi is a large Thailand province that is comprised of the mainland, and some islands like Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Ko Jum, and Ko Poda.

Maps of Krabi?

Maps are here.

Tips for Visitors? (Culture Tips) >

25 Money Saving Tips for Thailand and Krabi Money Saving Tips >

Resources for Foreigners Visiting and Living in Krabi?

What are the best things to do in Krabi?

Everyone has different tastes, but there are MANY things you can choose to do. is filled with fun things you can try during your vacation in Krabi. 10 Best Viewpoints! Cave exploration, bicycling trips, hot springs, cold freshwater springs, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, kayak trips on salt or freshwater, hikes up mountain peaks, hikes up 1,256 stairs, hikes around town, boat trips – long tail or speedboats to other islands like the 4-Island Tour, water activities, ferry to Ko Phi Phi, a long-tail boat to Bamboo Island, or even down to Phuket, day trips to close by attractions in other provinces close to Krabi. We have very rare pitta birds you can find too! Find out more about Krabi’s pittas here. Don’t forget ROCK CLIMBING! Try these 5 UNIQUE things to do, or 25 things to do on Ko Lanta. Don’t forget about the NIGHTLIFE! There are MANY things to do in Krabi!

When is the best time to visit Krabi?

The beaches get crowded during the high season. Still, they are nothing like the crowds you’ll find at Pattaya, Patong Beach, and other Phuket beaches. Krabi gets a fraction of the people at those tourist destinations, with the exception of Koh Phi Phi islands – they get absolutely packed. During the dry season – December to May, the weather is just perfect. Gets hot in April – May, but very dry up until then.

The slow season from May to October is quite nice too – with even fewer people around. Krabi town is NEVER crowded or overrun with tourists. It does rain often during July, August, and September. Sometimes it keeps raining through October and November too! See Weather >

How can I move to Krabi?

Can I book a taxi with Krabi Uber? Rental cars and motorbikes (scooters)?

Does Krabi flood every year during the rainy season?

No, Krabi usually doesn’t flood at all. However, early in 2011 at the very start of the rainy season, we had some wicked rains that caused flooding over some of the roads in Krabi – especially around the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain (Krabi Noi) areas. Krabi is so close to the ocean that flood waters usually drain very fast. Since then we have only had a couple of years where we get very minor flooding of specific areas of the road. Krabi never floods anything as you see on news shows where houses are drifting away.

Update: January 2017 we had some flooding. Some drainage has been improved and flooding is almost never an issue here.

What are some cautions about visiting Krabi?

Just like any tourist area in Thailand, you should be careful not to be drunk out late at night on your own, or even with another person. The really bad stuff happens late at night, and usually when someone is drunk. Be cautious about driving motorbikes or anything here – drivers are not skilled and are downright incompetent. Driving car info here. Driver’s License requirements.

Nightlife can be dangerous if on your own, drunk, and wandering the streets or beach late at night. Please don’t.

Public Restrooms are scarce! But we list them here for you.

As a woman, you should not walk the beach at night either alone or with a friend(s) – there have been a number of bad incidents in Thailand and we don’t need any more! Don’t act like an idiot in a Thai bar or the musicians themselves may kill you. See how it happened. Here’s a UK couple stabbed at Ao Nang Beach.

Long-distance buses and vans are dangerous. Many, many accidents. Please fly, take the train, or drive yourself for a better experience.

Learn some Thai language here! Learn about Thai Culture here!

More Cautions, Scams, Chikungunya (mosquito virus), Dogs, and Drinking Water. The good news is SHARKS are not a problem, but monkeys are! Elephant and Snake exploitation are a problem here. Please don’t visit them!

Where can I find marijuana in Krabi?

Go to this page. Or, go to this wilderness resort. Or, find it at any of the 5 shops in Ao Nang, Phi Phi, and dozens in Ko Lanta. You can find it in most/all of the bars and clubs listed here too.

What age can I buy alcohol legally in Krabi (all of Thailand)?

Twenty (20 years) is the legal drinking age in Thailand. Here is more info on buying alcohol in Thailand.

Where can I exercise?

There is some good Hiking on nature trails, or you can run at Thara Park, at the Water Reservoir in town, or along Ao Nang Beach. There are a few public Swimming Pools in Krabi Town. Kayaking. Meditation (on your own) is possible at a number of places. Railay Beach is an excellent place for Rock Climbing. It’s world-class!

Where is the shopping in Krabi?

Krabi has 2 Makro stores, 3 Mother Marche stores, 1 Vogue Mall, 1 Lotus’, 1 Big C. And no big mall like Central. We made a page all about shopping in Krabi here.

Find out about buying marijuana (pot, weed, ganja) in Krabi here.

Where are the good restaurants?

Krabi restaurants can be found here >

Can I find cheap accommodations in Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach?

Yes. You can often find decent rooms with air conditioning for just 500-600 THB per night (about $15-18 USD) in Krabi Town, especially on or near “Chao Fa Road.” In Ao Nang, if you walk up Beach Road away from the water a bit, you’ll find many reasonably priced hotel accommodations.

Stay at our favorite wilderness resort in the Khao Phanom Mountains here.

What is the best way to find a tour?

Start with a company you can trust. You can trust the tour people we work with. “Son” has been in Krabi for most of his life and speaks English well. Click here for TOURS.

Wildlife photography field trips >

How to go from Samui to Krabi? Ko Tao to Krabi? Ko Phangan to Krabi? Ko Samui to Ko Phi Phi Islands? Krabi to Ko Lanta? Krabi to Phuket?

How to Travel in Thailand to and from Krabi >

Where should you stay – Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach?

We compare them for you, click the link in the title above.

Which is better – Krabi vs Phuket (Patong Beach)?

It depends on what you are looking for. Krabi has better places to relax, less traffic, less nightlife, is less expensive, and is more of a Thai town with fewer beaches than Phuket.

The nightlife in Krabi is mellow and without flash. Much flash anyway. There is a very small bar section in Ao Nang that caters to guys looking to find bargirls or ladyboys. Patong Beach is FULL of that type of “entertainment.” If you are younger than 30 or so, you may like Patong Beach better. If you are traveling with your family in Thailand, you would probably enjoy Krabi more. There are probably just as many things to do in Krabi as on the island of Phuket.

More info: Krabi or Phuket?

Which is better – Krabi vs Koh Samui Island?

Koh Samui has better nightlife, food and restaurant choices, nature hikes and waterfalls, and beaches than Krabi. Krabi is a place that is easier to relax in. These are quite different places, so ideally, you’ll visit both. Koh Samui is an island just off Surat Thani province, in the Gulf of Thailand and East of Chaiya province, Hua Hin. Koh Samui is really crowded during the high season, but there is a lot of nightlife and some of the beaches are amazing to see.

More info on Which Is Better >

Which is better – Krabi vs Trang?

Krabi is better for nightlife, western restaurants, mountains and exercise, and things to do for foreigners. Trang is better to relax at the beach, they have some nice islands and it’s at Thai prices. We compared Trang and Krabi. They are both small cities. Krabi caters to tourists much more, but Trang wins on some criteria. Check out!

More info: Krabi or Trang?

Where are the best places and resorts to stay in Krabi?

The best areas? Centara Resort out past Ao Nang Beach is really amazing. Rayavadee is even better. Some people like Koh Phi Phi islands for staying. There are some amazing hotels between Ao Nang and Long Beaches, as well as out by Tub Kaak – Nakamanda Resort, Sheraton… Amari Vogue in Tub Kaek. There are really just so many cool resorts to stay in while on vacation in Krabi.

Are there snakes in Krabi?

Yes, there are plenty of snakes, but you’re not likely to see them unless you go looking for them. There is a Snake Rescue Service too! Book a Night Wildlife Tour to see some!

More info on Snakes in Krabi and Thailand >

Where can I see tigers, lions, or bears? Does Krabi have a zoo?

There are no tigers, lions, or bears you can see in Krabi in the forest or in a zoo. Krabi has no zoo. Occasionally there are bears seen deep in the primary forest far from tourist areas.

Can I go fishing in Krabi?

Fishing charters are offered in Krabi by just one company. We have saltwater fishing charter info here and freshwater fishing lake info here.

Where is Krabi lost and found? Where to report stolen or lost items?

We created a page where you can report lost and found items as well as stolen items in Krabi. Go here > Krabi Lost and Found | Stolen Items. Please report stolen items to the local police as you’ll need to make a formal report.

Where is the Tourist Police station located?

If you are in Ao Nang and have a need for the tourist police, there is an office located between Ao Nang Beach and Long Beach. GPS: 8.03770735442805, 98.81851165223524

In Krabi Town, you can go straight to the main branch up the hill from the main Post Office near Chao Fa Road. GPS: 8.056760893431504, 98.91803322996087

Where is the main bus station?

In Krabi town near the intersection of Highway 4 and Uttaradit Road (River Road).

Where can I temporarily store some travel bags?

We may open a service – go to see our article about Bag Storage in Krabi.

How can I get from Krabi Airport (KBV) to Railay Beach?

There are two parts to your travel. 1. Get the white bus at the Krabi Airport which sits on the left side – as you exit terminal 2 (T2). It is very cheap – under 100 THB and runs all day. 2. When you arrive at Ao Nang Beach, you can exit the bus and take a long-tail boat to Railay Beach. Railay is land-locked and there is no good way to get there except by boat.

Or, just call or email Son to arrange it. Son’s Krabi Taxi >

Where is the Krabi International Airport (KBV)?

It’s located about 13.5 km outside of Krabi town down Highway 4 on the way to Trang (southeast).

How can I take a train to Krabi?

You cannot. There is no train in Krabi at all. click the question above to see more info on how you could take a train to a nearby city like Trang or Surat.

Is there Meditation in Krabi?

Yes, we have a Meditation Info page here.

What are some of the most interesting Krabi temples?

10 Top Krabi Temples

How can I search your website for other info?

See the magnifying glass in the top right of the page? Click it.

Where is the photo from on the top of the page?

Koh Lanta!

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