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Krabi Scams in 2024 – Food, Taxis, Boats

Krabi Taxi Scams

Going back through some comments on this site I found one that really hit me because this person also emailed me and sent a photo of the taxi driver that stole their money – over 300 Singapore Dollars and some USD. Read about this scam next.


I booked a cab from your travel agency this morning to the airport, on our way to airport driver took a washroom break and asked to take photos of Buddha statue, when we came back we found him searching my wife’s purse. He ran to the toilet and came back within 30 seconds. When we check the purse we found 300 SGD and 8 USD were missing, we confronted him but he refused. As we were getting late for the flight we went to the airport and did a complaint to airport security and they took a photo of his driving license.

His car was a Toyota Fortuner with license having the number 44 in it (I removed the full number).

This is NOT uncommon in Krabi, and all over Thailand. Taxi drivers have an opportunity to steal from many people as they go out to see tourist attractions and the driver stays with the van or other vehicle.

If someone in Ao Nang asks you to go take photos of a Buddha statue or anything, ALWAYS take your money and other valuables with you. NEVER leave them on a train, boat, or other vehicle.

Boat Scams in Krabi

Similar to the first. If you’re going snorkeling, diving, or anything on a boat, there may be an opportunity for you to exit the boat while the driver and any ‘helpers’ stay on the boat. In MANY cases, they are going through belongings and stealing from purses and backpacks.

We are going to create a page for stolen and lost gear and money here – we had one for a year, but we were overwhelmed with people wanting us to try to track their things down. We cannot possibly do this.

If you have some problem with theft or losing something, you must stay and resolve it before you leave the area. There is nobody here who has the time to fix everything for you. I know, it sucks, but ask yourself if you have time to track down people’s things who lost or had stolen something in your town. I mean a LOT of people. We had over 80 different requests to resolve things for tourists who had already gone home. 🙁

Always separate your belongings into things that are VERY important – and take those things with you wherever you go. Do NOT leave things in your room. Do not leave your belongings in a boat, taxi, train, van, or bus. EVER.

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