Krabi Nature photography tours and field trips

10 Reasons Krabi is Thailand’s Best Vacation Spot

Krabi isn’t for everyone, but, if you’re not looking for half-naked girls dancing on the bar, this might just be the best vacation spot you can find in Thailand. Here are 10 reasons why we love it… 1. Temperatures are rarely too hot or too cold. Phuket gets quite a bit hotter than Krabi does … Read more

Krabi Photography & Camera Stores & Repair

Krabi is a province in southern Thailand that doesn’t have any large mall or specialty stores like Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Hasselblad, etc. There are a couple of stores where you can buy photography items you need in an emergency. We’ll list them here – and tell you about a place you can have your lenses … Read more

Thailand Landscape & Scenery Photography Field Trips

Krabi landscape photo tours and field trips. Wildlife tours available too.

If you would like to find the most scenic places in southern Thailand for a photography field trip shooting landscape and scenery, this is the one for you! While nature and wildlife photography has been our main focus, we also get requests to take photographers to the best spots for landscape and other scenery including … Read more

Running Around Thara Park, Krabi (21 miles)

Just about a month ago I talked about running fifteen miles for the first time ever. Then, ten days ago I did another fifteen-mile run. Felt better the second time. Yesterday, I was close to not running at all. I wasn’t looking forward to running in the rain and cold (74°F). That is very cold … Read more

Krabi Running Story – Snake on the Trail!

Deadly Malayan Pit Viper on running trail in Krabi rainforest.

Snake On the Trail – A Running Story Saturday morning. I’m at the entrance to the national park in Tub Kaak district, a small subdistrict of Krabi province in Southern Thailand. It’s already warm, but not 90°F like some mornings. It will reach that in about an hour, but we’ll be under the rainforest canopy … Read more

Khao Phung Cave in Krabi

Khao (kow) Phung cave is a small mountain that is filled with caves along the ground level -and, if you’re adventurous you could climb up into others that are higher. There is a walkway at Khao Phung cave as you can see by the photos, which takes you around about half of the mountain. One … Read more

Thailand Culture Do’s and Don’ts

Thai girls on a boardwalk on a sunny day.

Thai culture is very unique. It is important to understand some of the basic differences between Thailand and your home country before arriving like how to act properly and politely. Knowing these things will increase the chances that your trip to Thailand will be as enjoyable and safe as it possibly can be. The Major … Read more

Dogs in Krabi, Thailand, a Different Breed

Dogs in Thailand tend to bite. Of course there are nice dogs too.

Most dogs are cool in Krabi, but be careful because many dogs in Thailand don’t like the smell of foreigners. The way that Thai people treat their dogs and the leeway they give them is astounding to me. I have finally come to accept it as I have most things here. They call them soi … Read more

Chikungunya in Thailand – FAQ

Chikungunya (chee-koon-gun-ya) and also spelled as “Chicken guinea”, “Chicken gunaya,” and “Chickengunya”, comes from the African Swahili language, where it means “to bend up”. When severely affected with joint pain a person bends up like a ninety year old, hunched over in pain. Most symptoms are similar to Dengue Fever. Chikungunya is a mosquito born virus … Read more

Thailand Drinking Water – Is It Safe to Drink?

Singha water is one of the safest and best tasting bottled waters in Thailand.

The only really safe drinking water in Thailand is bottled drinking water like Crystal and Singha water. I’ve been here a couple years and so far I don’t believe I’ve been sick from drinking Thailand’s water. Impossible to know of course what exactly I’ve had “Montezuma’s revenge” from, but I always attribute it to the … Read more