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Top 10 Best Viewpoints in Krabi, Thailand in 2024

We have the top 10 best views and viewpoints for you to see during your trip to Krabi in Southern Thailand! We not only cover Krabi’s mainland but Island viewpoints as well! Let’s see what we can SEE!! We’ll start with viewpoints close to Krabi Town and expand outward from there. Bring your camera!

10 Best Viewpoints in Krabi

1. Tiger Cave Temple Viewpoint (5-Stars!)

Near Krabi Town is this 280-meter-high ( feet) shrine at the top of a hill at the Wat Tham Seua Buddhist Temple where you can see for a very long distance. From the top looking west, you can see all the way to Dragon’s Crest Mountain in Tub Kaak, past Ao Nang Beach. You can even see to Ko Phi Phi and Ko Jum Islands on a clear day.

Looking east, you can see the Krabi Airport and endless palm and banana tree plantations.

If you are in good shape, this one is a must-do climb! The photos you can get from here at sunset are epic. The view is facing directly west.

2. Krabi Urban Forest Viewpoint (3-Stars)

In Thai, this is called Khao Tham Suea Pahksa Sawan. You drive up a sometimes very dangerous hill covered with ice-slick black and green moss.

Viewpoint 1 – You can see a bit of the southern side of Krabi Town, there is really nothing to see here. 1-star.

Viewpoint 2 – You drive to the top where the road ends. There’s a viewpoint but trees block your view. You can see a little bit of Krabi Town area and Big C, Lotus’s, and the Krabi Airport.

From there you can walk up the 200+ steps to the viewpoint at the top of the hill. The photography here is OK, but there are many trees in the way. It’s nice at sunset.

It is NOT the best viewpoint in Krabi, that honor definitely belongs to Dragon’s Crest Mountain Trail in Tub Kaak, but it does offer one of the more easily reached viewpoints in Krabi and it’s close to town and Tiger Cave Temple.

You can see Khao Phanom Mountain in Phanom, you can see some of the limestone karst formations. If you have a choice between here and Tiger Cave, the latter is far better but requires a lot more effort.

3. Dragon’s Crest Mountain Trail (5+ Stars! Best Views)

Dragon's Crest mountain hike at viewpoint number 3 the view is mind-blowing!
Viewpoint 2 at Dragon’s Crest Mountain hike. Well worth the climb!

These 4 viewpoints are along the top of a mountain in Tub Kaak Subdistrict of Ao Nang over near Thalen Bay. The national park entrance for the trail is called Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park and it is very close to Amari Vogue Resort in Tub Kaak on the beach.

Viewpoint 1 – To reach the 4 viewpoints you climb the nature trail. About 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) into the climb you’ll see the first viewpoint that gives you a view of the ocean and some islands around Tub Kaak. You can see Ko Yao Noi and Yai in the distance as massive islands with mountains.

Viewpoint 2 – The next viewpoint is just 100 meters further and this one looks out over Thalen Bay and some limestone karst formations in Thalen.

Viewpoint 3 – This one is only 200 meters from the top of the mountain (3.5 km in) and looks out over the West and North areas. Sunset from here is nice, especially during the February to September months as the sun sets visibly on the horizon. The image at the top of the page is from Viewpoint #3.

Viewpoint 4 – This is the peak of Dragon’s Crest and offers stunning views of the North, East, and Southeast areas from the mountain. This has a number of areas you can find views and you can spend an hour here easily. Be careful to plan your trip to take at least 4 hours round trip, so leave at the latest from the bottom around Noon.

4. Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort Views (2-Stars)

When you stay at this lovely wilderness resort in the middle of the rainforest you can opt for the hike in the morning that takes you up the hill to a viewpoint where you can look out over the rolling hills and Krabi Noi area.

The highlight of this trip is that you can stay in wilderness bungalows like camping, and yet you have the option to eat at their amazing outdoor restaurant overlooking a pond filled with fish and big monitor lizards. The family here is super nice and accommodating. I think they still have a 5/5 star rating on Google Businesses. Try it!

5. Monkey Trail – Ao Nang Beach (3-Stars)

A vertical limestone karst rising out of the water off Ao Nang Beach at the Monkey Trail viewpoint.
This phallic island is visible from the Monkey Trail Viewpoint.

At the southernmost end of Ao Nang Beach, you can find a wooden staircase and trail that goes up the side of the hill along the beach. At the top is a nice view of some islands just off the coast. The view is not great because there is too much greenery, but it’s good for a little workout and photo session if you’re in the mood for climbing up there. If you continue along the path, it leads to the Centaura Hotel. You’ll need to sign in to walk on the beach there.

6. Ao Nam Mao Fossil Beach View (3-Stars)

If you head to Ao Nam Mao Beach beside Ao Nang, you’ll see signs for the Fossil Beach. This is an easy trip that puts you on the top of a small cliff overlooking the ocean. You can climb down the trail to the beach and where there are fossils found at sea level.

We have not been there for a while, so I don’t know if they are charging a fee for this. It probably isn’t worth a fee, and the viewpoint is fair but nothing special. You can look out over the ocean from here.

7. Railay Beach Viewpoint (3-Stars)

Railay Beach viewpoint shows Railay East and West and Tonsai Beach in the top left.
A nice view, but the angle you can see is limited to just this.

Between Railay Beach East and West is a trail that goes straight up the hill. It’s a challenging climb and isn’t well maintained, but it’s possible to get up there and see the view and take some photos. The view is nice, but I wouldn’t give it more than 3 stars because you cannot see much.

The narrow view is nice enough and you’ll enjoy taking a few photos here. Also, go visit the “lagoon” if you can while you’re up there, it’s sometimes worth a photo.

8. Ko Phi Phi Islands Viewpoint (4-Stars)

A beautiful view can be had from Ko Phi Phi Don (the big one) as you climb up a very steep trail and steps leading to the open peak. From there you can take photos of the island from a beautiful perspective. Go on a clear day and it’s fantastic. I gave it 4 stars because there isn’t much to see. It’s nothing like the Dragon’s Crest views.

9. Mu Ko Lanta National Park Viewpoint (4-Stars)

A photo taken from the rocky lighthouse area of Mu Ko Lanta National Park.
A picture-perfect beach at Mu Ko Lanta National Park at the south end of Ko Lanta Island. This is from the rocky viewpoint.

At the national park on Ko Lanta Island is a short climb up a rocky hill that leads to a beautiful viewpoint over the ocean and coast. There is a lighthouse there. There is an entrance fee, but the park is probably the most beautiful place on Ko Lanta Island.

We spent a lot of time photographing the beach, from the viewpoints, and inside the forest on the nature trail. Here are 25 things to do in Ko Lanta.

10. Khao Phanom Mountain (3-Stars)

It’s a long, arduous hike, but it’s possible to pay the rangers at the Huay Toh Waterfall and they’ll take you up the mountain. You’ll need to stay overnight in tents, and the fee is something like 6,000 Thai Baht per person, but the views are nice and the trek through the rainforest is a good experience if you’re very fit.

This is only available during the dry season from November to May. Let us know if you’d like to do this one.

Tips for Getting the Best Photographs from Viewpoints in Krabi

  • The best views are at Tiger Cave Temple and Dragon’s Crest Mountain. Both require a very hard effort to reach the top for the best views. Remember, go slow and don’t go with health issues!
  • The clearest air occurs during the November to February months when there is little rain and less humidity than other parts of the year. On clear days you can see twice as far as hazy days.
  • The morning may not be the best time to see the farthest, but it can be the best time to get low-lying clouds and fog around the limestone mountains which can make for incredible photos!
  • Visit a number of viewpoints in the same day, many of them are close together.

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