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October Krabi Weather

What is the Weather Like in Krabi in October?

In October, it is usually cool and raining. October has the most rain of the year in Krabi. That’s a generalization because we have some beautiful days, but the overall tone of October is the rainy season at it’s peak and we usually get 20-25 days of rain in the 31 days of October. not exactly ideal for a visit, right?

The month of October is a great time to come to Krabi if you can stand the rain. Most people can’t because they like to be outdoors more.

How is the Rain in October in Krabi?

We have a rain shower almost every day of the month, that usually lasts most of the day. If not, then it is cloudy and threatening rain so it’s hard to decide what to do for the day. Will the rain stop? Probably not! You should expect rain every day and not expect even a few day of sunshine in a row, but it does happen probably once or twice during the month.

Bring a boat with you, or buy some circular lifesaving devices you can use. You’re going to need them in October!

Is Lightning a Problem in October?

A rare lightning storm does occur in October on occasion. The normal rain showers don’t have violent lightning, though you may see it in the sky, you won’t hear lightning striking the ground and thunder.

How is the Humidity in Krabi in October?

Peak humidity in October is usually the case with all the rain and the saturated ground. You won’t feel it as badly, it won’t feel as hot because October is so cloudy and wet that the clouds block the sun and the rain keeps the air cool.

So, humidity isn’t really a big factor for your comfort in October because it’s so cool anyway. Most tourists find the temperatures and humidity agreeable in October in Ao Nang and Krabi Town, but if you’re from a cold country you may still find it overly warm.

Come anyway and deal with it! Millions do already. Maybe get in shape with a little walking before you come and you’ll be better prepared to handle the heat.

How is the Sky in Krabi in October?

Dark sky over Krabi, Thailand.
The skies in Krabi are just like this during October! Don’t expect different.

The month with the most clouds in the sky is usually October. It’s a close tie between September and October, usually.

Still, we have some amazing sunny days too. Maybe 5-10 in each October on average. Keep in mind, we could have nearly 30 days of rain and clouds or even 20-25 days of clear skies and little rain in October. The weather varies incredibly in this area. Some years are drier than others, some wetter.

What is the Temperature Range in Krabi in October?

24-32°C (75-90°F) is the usual temperature range in October in Ao Nang and Krabi Town areas. The nights can be much cooler than this sometimes. The days won’t be much hotter than 32°C.

Is October a Good Time to Visit Krabi?

If you’re going to be indoors most of the time during your October visit to Krabi, you should come during October. If you plan to island hop and do many outdoor activities, you’re probably better off to wait for another month where the rain is less. We get inches of rain during October. It’s not even fun for locals, to be honest! The days and nights are cool, that’s all we can say for it!