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March Krabi Weather

What is the Weather Like in Krabi in March?

In March, it is usually very hot – over 34°C every day. The skies are the most blue of the entire year during Jan through April! So, if you’re a photographer, you might enjoy it.

This is a great time to come to Krabi if you can stand the heat.

How is the Rain in March in Krabi?

We have a rainshower that lasts up to 1 hour every few days. Nothing major. Very little rain happening in March usually. Sometimes during March we have no rain at all.

This happened a couple of years ago when we had no rain for 121 days in Krabi Town and Ao Nang. The dry spell lasted from January to April. It was so hot and dry that even the locals were complaining.

Is Lightning a Problem in March?

The early part of the year is when lightning becomes a problem. The storms are fast moving, violent with lots of lightning strikes, and the winds can blow down trees and blow roofs off houses and businesses.

So, while we have few rain storms during March, the ones we do have can be pretty terrifying. The frequent lightning storms continue in March, April, and May and then taper off a lot. By the end of the year in October and November we have few.

How is the Humidity in Krabi in March?

March’s heat and humidity is staggering. It’s hard to do anything physical outside in the heat of 33C+ and humidity around 80% some days! The humidity can really affect how much you feel the heat and it makes it considerably worse.

Average humidity in Krabi remains around 50% during an entire year. Anything over that and combined with the sunshine, can make it feel quite hot.

Krabi’s humidity in March is not as bad as Phuket’s humidity in March! When comparing the two, Phuket is so much hotter!

How is the Sky in Krabi in March?

March continues the very clear air and blue skies with white puffy clouds. The air is very clear during this time if nobody is burning crops. That said, we get some hazy days as Indonesia, Burma, and some of Thailand’s agriculture-based provinces burn some crops to get ready for planting season.

What is the Temperature Range in Krabi in March?

24-34°C (75-93°F) is the average temperature range during March. We can reach 40°C some years, so keep that in mind. At 40C, and high humidity, people start dropping dead from heat exhaustion.

The two in combination can be lethal. If you’re in good shape and well hydrated, you won’t have any problem with light exposure to the heat, but everyone is better off inside during days like that.

Is March a Good Time to Visit Krabi?

For locals and visitors, March is not the best time to visit Krabi province. The heat and humidity are stifling and prohibitive. You won’t enjoy time outdoors nearly as much as you would when coming during other more agreeable times of year. Wait a month and come in April. Go earlier and come in January. Just don’t come in March expecting to have a great vacation!

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