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June Krabi Weather

What Is the Krabi Weather Like in June?

June is just around the corner here in Krabi and I want to tell you everything you need to know about the weather in June.

June through October is a great time of year to visit Krabi, Thailand. The weather is generally much cooler, and maybe more importantly, the number of tourists running around the province is far less.

June is nearly here and I wanted to update to let you know what it is usually like. I’ll do July in a few minutes as well, check out July here >

In late May this year we had some dry days but with some great clouds that cooled off a couple of days in the week. We didn’t have any rain for the entire last part of the month, so May stands with around 7 days of rain.

Of course the Krabi weather depends on many factors. We know you’re planning your trip to Krabi and want to know what the weather could be like in the month of June. We’ll tell you more about it below.

Typical Rain in Krabi in June?

This year we had a dry season that lasted about 60 days in February and March. We didn’t have any rain in that 2+ months. Our rainless periods sometimes last longer, so it wasn’t too bad. It looks as if we’re going to have a typical June weather pattern this year.

The first part of the month we may have 3 to 5 rainy days in the first 15 days of the month. The rain during this period in June rarely lasts all day, but sometimes we do get a day or two full of rain from dawn to dusk. It’s pretty rare.

The second half of June usually sees 5-6 rainy days just like the first part of the month.

The lightning storms are pretty much over, but we may still have a few wild storms with lightning and very harsh winds. Not tornado strength, but guests up to 80+kph (50 mph) are common during those violent storms.

If there’s anything good about lightning storms, it’s that they usually don’t last more than an hour as they pass through. Very seldom one will get stalled out over the Phanom Mountain range and stay for a few hours. Don’t get caught on that hill during that time, or on the Tiger Temple steps either!

Our weather starts to come more from the Andaman Sea direction (from the ocean) during June and the following months. This means we can predict a little better where the storms will hit us in Krabi. We use and it’s accurate about 70% of the time with it’s satellite storm predictions.

How To Predict Weather in June?

The best way to predict what is going to happen when you’re on vacation in June and you want to plan some outdoor activities is to look at the few days prior. What happened with the weather then? Are you getting morning rainshowers? You will likely get it again. Are the clouds coming around noon and raining by 2 pm? It will probably happen again.

The weather goes in groups of days here. The weather tends to repeat in cycles like this lasting a few days up to a week.

June Skies

From May through July – the sky is dark with thick clouds for an hour or two during most days. This cools things off. It doesn’t always rain, but it can at any time when there are clouds overhead.

but usually we get 30 mins to an hour of rain each day as we get closer to July. August through October and even December can be very wet and raining a lot.

In the months of May to September is the ideal time-period to take a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao NangRailay, and Phi Phi Islands.

The lightning storms mostly go away after May and there is only hard rain without direct lightning strikes. We often have lightning in the sky that looks like it’s connecting up there, but it doesn’t come down.

Temperature in Krabi in June?

In the morning it is cooler – around 25°C ( F) on most days where it is not already raining. By noon, the temperature is at least 28, and probably more like 30C if the last few years have been any indication.

Even so, the temperature during June is not nearly as hot as March and April. On average, the temperature during the day in Krabi in June must be around 28-32°C ( F) and it’s not too crazy hot. A short rain will drop the temperature 5 degrees real quick and can be a beautiful evening if it happens around 6 pm.


The sun is strong during this time, you should wear sunblock. Krabi is nearly on the equator.


The humidity stays high from April/May through November or even December. Then, the dry air comes from China and sometimes only comes for a very short Jan-February before March gets real hot/humid.

Mosquitos in Krabi in June?

Yes, for sure. Every year by June we have a high number of mosquitos and diseases from their bite.

Krabi will have many cases of Dengue, Chikungunya, and other mosquito-born viruses. As long as it isn’t raining all the time, the mosquitos are not very active during the days.

The worst times of day for mosquitos include shortly after sunrise and shortly before and after sunset. Keep your windows closed and wear protection so you are not bitten much. Not every mosquito has disease, but just limit your bites.

Lately already in May we are seeing more mosquitos the last couple of weeks because the rain has increased.

What is a Usual June Like?

USUALLY in June we have hot sunny mornings with clouds coming at some point after Noon or even overnight. Sometimes clouds form rain by 4-5 pm. Most days are still dry in June.

SOMETIMES we do have 3-7 days of heavy rain and fierce storms that bring us a lot of rain all at once. During this time we can have some limited flooding. This is much more likely toward September and October.

Does Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach Flood in Heavy Rain in June?

No, not really very much at all! There are a couple of roads which will collect .5m of water, but rarely more than that. Krabi town is much more affected than Ao Nang by anything like floods or high water after heavy rains.

If we do get some water collecting in deep spots, it won’t be in June. Flooding would happen from August to October most often.

We have only had about 5 light floods in the 17 years we’ve been here. Only one of those was bad enough to displace anyone out of their home in Krabi Town.

Should You Visit Krabi in June?

If you are planning a trip to Krabi Thailand in June, this is one of the best times to come. There is little rain. The temperatures can be lower on some cloudy days. There are very few tourists here. You’ll have the best views without thousands of tourists getting in the way.

You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventures – hiking, beaches, caveswaterfallhot spring, or whatever you want to do.

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