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April Krabi Weather

What is Krabi’s Weather Like in April?

April brings random rain showers – sometimes violent lightning storms – to Krabi’s weather. This begins Thailand’s Rainy Season.

The storms are random and infrequent in April. They come fast and furious and the lightning can be scary. This isn’t a good time to be climbing on mountain tops or Tiger Cave Temple stairs because lightning is a real danger on high points in Krabi.

The same as anywhere else, Krabi’s weather depends on many factors. Find out more below before you plan your trip!

Typical Rain in Krabi in April?

A normal April consists of random rain showers that last no more than an hour. These are very fast moving storms that blow over quickly. There may be 1 or 10 blow through in one day. One never knows. The ocean has built up heat that is causing evaporation at a massive rate. This fills the clouds with rain and it drops quickly. It can come down in torrents.

In Krabi, we usually have about 5-8 days of rain in April. April begins the rainy season and Songkran, the Thai New Year is based around the rain starting to water the rice and other crops for the year.

Is Lightning a Problem in April?

Yes, lightning can be a problem in Krabi during the month of April. April and May are the most dangerous months for lightning strikes. You may see strikes hit nearby ten or more times in a short storm. It’s crazy sometimes, so please proceed with caution in the outdoors during this time.

Take shelter in a building, or a vehicle. Motorbikes are not good protection at all from a lightning storm. They are full of metal, and you’re sitting on it. The tires won’t provide much protection.

Predicting Krabi Weather in April?

We use Accuweather (com) for our online tool, but to be honest it is not very accurate except for large storms that stay for a while. The quick moving storms are not picked up all the time, so it’s frustrating.

Our best way to predict what will happen with the weather in April in Krabi is to see what happened just a few days prior.

If it rained in the morning, we’ll probably get rain in the morning again. If it rained at 4 pm. we’ll probably get the same.

You know? Krabi’s weather goes in couple of day cycles. It’s the best predictor we have. I know that doesn’t help you predict in a month or year what the weather would be like if you book your vacation to Krabi right now, but then nobody can help with that.

April Skies

The sky in April tends to be bright blue and filling with white or dark clouds, depending if it is going to rain or not. The air is mostly clear and clean and great for photos.

In the months of May to September is the ideal time-period to take a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao NangRailay, and Phi Phi Islands.

The sky will be clear and sunny approximately 80% of the time during April.

Temperature in Krabi in April?

The temperature in April in Krabi ranges between 25-34°C (77-93°F). Days and nights are hot, sometimes overwhelmingly so. You’ll need air conditioning for sure. The hottest part of the day is between 10 am. and 4 pm. This is not the greatest time to do long treks up Ngon Nak Mountain, or Tiger Temple, so plan those activities during mornings for the best experience and least chance of heat exhaustion. Go early morning!

Temperatures may drop if we get a rain shower, but it will quickly heat up again and possibly get much hotter as the humidity increases a lot after the rain!


The sun is always strong in Krabi when it is out or behind a thin layer of clouds. If you are sensitive to the sun, or fear cancer, always use a good 50+ SPF sunblock.


The air is quite wet beginning April until around December every year. March and April are horribly humid. Be careful of heat stroke, hydrate constantly.

Mosquitos in Krabi in April?

No, mosquitos are not a problem in April in Krabi. The worst months are July and August. We do have some mozzies in May, but nearly none in April. We rarely use any repellant in April, even in the dense rainforest.

Every year Krabi has a lot of Dengue, Chikungunya, and other mosquito-born virus infections among locals and visitors. As long as it isn’t raining all the time, the mosquitos are not very active during the days.

What is a Usual April Like in Krabi?

A typical April will be very hot and with only a few days of rain. Seven days of rain at the most. The rain lasts only an hour or two each day, then dries up and gets very hot again.

Storms usually come after 1 pm. and build until 2-4pm. when they explode with rain.

Does Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach Flood in Heavy Rain in April?

No, though we may have some storms that drop inches (tens of centimeters) of rain in a day, Krabi very rarely floods at all.

Light flooding occurs in Krabi from August to October sometimes.

Is April a Good Time to Come to Krabi?

If you are planning a trip to Krabi Thailand in April, you’ll probably have a fantastic time. The temperature is hot. Super hot, but if you can stand that, you’ll have a good time. You’ll be sweating like everyone else, even locals, so don’t worry about it!

Remember, Krabi weather has cycles that repeat. We can have 3-12 days of rain in a row sometimes. It’s rare, but it happens. Please keep it in mind and come anyway. You probably won’t have bad luck with the weather in Krabi in April!

You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventures – hiking, beaches, caveswaterfallhot spring, or whatever you want to do.