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Low Season in Krabi – and Rain!

Update: 26 May 2023

The rain has been hammering the province for the past week. September and October are typically the wettest months in Krabi but on occasion October and November eclipse these months as the wettest. Regardless – from August through November in Krabi, it is usually QUITE wet and many tourists, expats, and residents don’t enjoy the place as much as when dry.

There is currently no real flooding in the low-lying areas of Krabi town. I’ve not yet been up to highway 4 at the intersection with the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain chain – which is where the heaviest flooding usually occurs during epic storms or long periods of rain.

I’ll go today and see what it looks like. There is a reason Thais buy SUV’s and pickup trucks – to clear the water, that is sometimes 1-2 feet deep during heavy rains.

Rain like that is very rare, but happens in Krabi sometimes.

I am currently considering whether to make a visa run down the coast of Thailand to Satun from Krabi – to visit Langkawi island for some snake hunting. The heavy rain is putting me off because, literally, every province floods easily in Thailand.

Or, maybe that is inaccurate. Every province floods in Thailand – with enough rain. There is usually enough rain each year to flood most of the provinces. The last visa run down to Malaysia, I drove down in our Honda and was wondering if I’d pull through the deep pools of water.

Not a fun way to travel. I’d almost consider taking the motorbike instead this time. Or just flying out from Krabi altogether from the airport!

Krabi weather is generally quite nice toward the end of November and through April. It gets quite hot in April, and then May starts tourist season again – and we get some crowds at the beach.

Krabi town is usually unaffected (relatively) from the seasonal foreign crowds. There isn’t much to see right in Krabi town, so few visitors spend a lot of time there. The beach is where it’s at for foreigners.

Another update in a couple of days…

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9 thoughts on “Low Season in Krabi – and Rain!”

  1. What is the best activity to do in September, I believe it will be rainy season during that time?

  2. Swimming is best when the rain is heavy! Or, boating… lol. But really, in September sometimes the rain is VERY heavy, other times it is not so bad. You just never know what will happen. There are caves to explore – check out our link at the top of the page. Best of luck on your visit to Krabi!

  3. I´m expecting to visit Krabi at the end of August, start of September; and I have been told that rain in Thai lasts just a few hours each day, that is doesn´t rain all day long. Is there also sunny in those months? Or it is just rain rain and rain? And the temperature is nice anyways? Thank you

  4. The temperature is ALWAYS nice, yes, that’s true. Whether it will be raining a couple hours per day, or for entire days off and on, or steady, is entirely unpredictable. We get rain for 2-3 weeks at a time every day during the peak of the rainy season (Sept usually). But, it has happened in Oct, Nov, Dec too! It just depends on what it’s going to do this year. At the moment Krabi has the regular nice days for 3-5 days and then rainy 1-2, then back to nice. Gradually towards Sept/Oct we get more and more rain. Come anyway, it’s only water…

  5. Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to visit Krabi on earlier of Oct and stay on Ao Nang beach area. So is it Oct also is a raining seasons?

    thanks .


  6. Yeah sure, usually October is quite rainy. November and December too during some years! This year the rain started early in Krabi, so maybe we’ll just have beautiful weather in November through April?

  7. Ahh, my bad I didn’t even check if it’s low season when I booked our flight tickets. We’ll be visiting Krabi in early September this year. Will there still have activities if it’s raining? Island hopping, kayaking or snorkelling and whatnot. Thanks in advance!

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