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July Krabi Weather

July is a couple of short weeks away and I need to tell you what the Krabi Weather is like in July so you can plan your vacation for one of the best times of year to be in Krabi!.

From June to October is always a lovely time of year to spend your vacation in Krabi. The weather here is cooler than March, April, May, and June because we have more cloud cover blocking the intense sun.

Krabi is pretty close to the equator and the sun is very strong on some days when we have no clouds.

The number of tourists in July is not too many, so this combination of great weather and few tourists make it one of the best times of year to visit this part of Thailand.

If you’re not sure whether you will come to Krabi in June or July, here is our June Krabi Weather info >

The same as anywhere else, Krabi’s weather depends on many factors. Find out more below before you plan your trip!

Typical Rain in Krabi in July?

With our dry season lasting a couple of months this year over the January to March timeframe, we got rain off and on during that time. When this happens, it can mean that we’ll have good rain all year. Or, average rain all year.

The first part of the July we could see 6 or more rainy days during the first half of the month. Rains in July rarely last an entire day, they are just storms that blow through slowly or quickly and dump a lot of rain. Then the sky clears up and you can go do what you wanted to do outside.

So that is the usual pattern.

In the 2nd part of July, we can see also see around 6 days of rainy weather.

During June, the rain periods last around 2-3 hours per day and we may get multiple rainshowers each day.

But wait! We may also have a very dry July and it may rain only 3-4 days the entire month. This makes predicting weather in Krabi, Phuket, Ko Samui, and some other places – especially islands – very difficult to judge.


Though some of the storms will contain lightning strikes in July, it is not the norm. Usually rain can fall, and fall hard, without lightning.

Winds can be very strong and gusty, but lightning is generally not part of it.

That said, if you are on the Tiger Temple steps up on the mountain, you will want to be sure to take cover and do NOT use the metal handrails or go into the restroom.

In June and July our weather direction starts to switch. Over the dry season, our weather comes from China and the Northeast. During our rainy season, we get our weather from the Andaman Sea mostly.

Krabi Weather Prediction

Accuweather is one tool we use to look at to see whether the weather will be bad or good. It is not infallible, so you’ll want to look at other tools you can find as well. Accuweather does not usually have the fast developing storms on their radar. Not even if you refresh your browser to get the latest data.

That means you can be caught in a quick developing storm at any time.

Weather prediction in Krabi is difficult to say the least.

Our favorite method is to just observe what the 2-3 days before today did. If we had a rain shower the early morning and clear all day, then we’ll likely have that today. If it rained three times on the couple days before today, it will likely rain 2-3 times also.

That’s really the best method of predicting Krabi weather.

July Skies

From May through July – the sky is dark with thick clouds for an hour or two during most days. The rest of the time, the sun comes out and it gets hot and humid again. The air will cool off for a while, which is welcomed!

Skies toward the end of the month can be darker for longer because we are creeping up on the heart of the rainy season. August, Sept, October, and sometimes November can have a lot of rain.

In the months of May to September is the ideal time-period to take a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao NangRailay, and Phi Phi Islands.

You may get 2 storms in July that have lightning. That would be a normal year.

Temperature in Krabi in July?

Temperature in July in Krabi ranges between 22°C and 31°C. Overnights are cool and you can keep the windows open usually and stay cool enough without using the air conditioner. The hottest part of the day is between 1 pm and 4 pm. This is not the greatest time to do long treks up Ngon Nak Mountain, or Tiger Temple, so plan those activities during mornings for the best experience and least chance of heat exhaustion.

A quick rainshower will lower the air temperature considerably, we we welcome those quick showers that pass through and cool us off.

A long day filled with rain can keep the temperatures around 24°C and just perfect!


The sun is always strong in Krabi when it is out or behind a thin layer of clouds. If you are sensitive to the sun, or fear cancer, always use a good 50+ SPF sunblock. As I said, Krabi is nearly on the equator, so ultraviolet rays are intense.


The air is wet from April/May until around December each year. That may even extend into the dry – rainless – months. We have had years in Krabi where the air was humid for all but just 3-4 days of the year! Impossible to predict, but we do love those non-humid days!

Mosquitos in Krabi in July?

Yes! We have Dengue Fever here. The worst months in Thailand are from May to October with the season for Dengue peaking during July and August. This is a good reason to use mosquito lotion in the morning from 5 am. to 8 am. and then again during the evening from 5:30 pm. and into the night.

Every year Krabi has a lot of Dengue, Chikungunya, and other mosquito-born virus infections among locals and visitors. As long as it isn’t raining all the time, the mosquitos are not very active during the days.

Most Dengue cases come from people walking through the forest in early morning or evening.

Already we are seeing a lot more mosquitos in the hotels we’re in. If you remember, a great tip is to bring an electronic mosquito racquet to your hotel to take care of them so you can get some sleep!

What is a Usual July Like in Krabi?

USUALLY our July days will go like this.

We have a quickly warming morning that is hot already at 9 am. in the direct sun. Clouds will roll in sometime after noon and stay 1-3 hours.

If the rain comes in the evening, the entire night will be cool and comfortable. If the rain comes in the morning or early afternoon, Krabi will heat up again before night time.

Occasionally we have a 3-7 day period of heavy rain that doesn’t end. This isn’t usual in July in Krabi, but it happens. It happens much more often in September and October though!

Does Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach Flood in Heavy Rain in July?

No, almost never. The rain during July is very rarely enough to leave standing water anywhere in Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Don’t worry about flooding here, like they do in Phuket, Samui, and Northern Thailand.

Light flooding can happen from August to October most often.

We have only had about 5 light floods in the 17 years we’ve been here. Only one of those was bad enough to displace anyone out of their home in Krabi Town.

Is July a Good Time to Come to Krabi?

If you are planning a trip to Krabi Thailand in July, you’ll probably have a fantastic time. The weather is just a perfect blend of rain to cool off the harsh heat and enough sun to get out and do what you want during almost any day you choose. Keep in mind that Krabi weather goes through cycles and we can, at any time, have 5-10 days of rain in a row. This is unfortunate, but happens. Please keep it in mind and come anyway. You probably won’t have bad luck with the weather in Krabi in July!

You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventures – hiking, beaches, caveswaterfallhot spring, or whatever you want to do.