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Krabi Nightlife – Top Bars and Clubs in 2024!

When you come to Krabi for a vacation however long or short, you are almost surely looking for the most amazing things to do in Thailand that you can find. Krabi’s nightlife is not crazy like some of the other tourist destinations but you can definitely find ice-cold beers, weed, shrooms, and mellow music to groove by!

[Page updated 4 March 2024]

Does Krabi Have Nightlife?

Krabi does have nightlife, but it has a more laid-back and chill-type atmosphere than you’d find in Pattaya, Patong Beach, and Nana Plaza in Bangkok. Krabi has music clubs, small dance clubs, bars of all kinds, and some of the naughty nightlife as well. It depends on what you’re looking for, but most people can find something that appeals to them!

First, here’s a quick table you can reference to see what’s available in the different areas of Krabi:

AreaNightlife Scene
Krabi TownRelaxed and a Big Thai Club
Ao Nang BeachLively Beats and Chill Bars
Ko Phi PhiULTRA Laid-back Beach Bars
Railay BeachSuper Laid-back Beach Bars
Koh LantaLaid-back Bob Marley Atmosphere

OK, now let’s have a look at the areas of Krabi and what you can find in the way of places to go at night! Oh, and here is some info on buying alcohol in Thailand!

Ao Nang Beach Nightlife

Ao Nang Beach has some good tourist bars and dance clubs that are as crazy as it gets here in Krabi Province. That isn’t to say it’s absolute mayhem, but you’ll have a good time unless you’re looking for that next-level stuff. If so, Patong Beach is a short drive away! By the way, weed is everywhere now. Legalized.

Ao Nang Beach is the most popular beach resort in Krabi Province and offers a lively nightlife scene. There are bars and restaurants along the entire length of the beach, as well as in the Soi Center Point area. The bars in Ao Nang Beach play a mix of Thai and international music, and there are also several nightclubs, such as the Carpe Diem Bar and the 808 Bar.

Some Popular Ao Nang Beach Bars and Dance Clubs

  • The Irish Embassy Pub, Restaurant, and Sports Bar – Located on the way to Noppharat Thara Beach is this popular Irish bar with a very high business rating and lots of reviews. This night spot is not on the beach, but as you can imagine because it’s an Irish Pub, it hardly matters! Go! GPS: 8.043117459010164, 98.81095941342888
  • The Strawberry Moons Bar – A small square hut of a bar right on the sand overlooking Ao Nang’s amazing views of the islands and red-orange-pink sky sunsets. This bar is highly rated and in a great location for sitting around and drinking and eating until you can’t move. GPS: 8.042035079336967, 98.81217772109821
  • Boogie Bar – The one bar I hear constantly mentioned by backpackers and anyone else I talk to about bars and nightlife in Ao Nang is the Boogie Bar. They have regularly scheduled live music during high season and it’s a lively place to stop for a beer and some Thai food for dinner. It’s located right in the heart of Ao Nang Beach at the police box on the beach. GPS: 8.04336971867446, 98.81096772102947

Some bars can stay open all night long. We sometimes see drunk people wandering the street around the Post Office there at 5:30 a.m. when we pick people up for bird field trips!

Here’s a great video that includes nightlife in Krabi Town >

Krabi Town Bars and Clubs

Krabi Town is the capital of Krabi Province and offers a more relaxed nightlife scene than the beach towns. There are a number of bars and restaurants along Thanon Maharat and Thanon Phatrachak, the main streets in town.

These bars are typically quite relaxed and play a mix of Thai and international music. There are also a few nightclubs in Krabi Town, such as the popular Chang Bar.

Krabi Night Hot Spots

  • Ole Bar – In downtown Krabi, you’ll find Ole Bar. This bar has the highest rating of any bar in town (4.9 out of 5 and 130+ ratings), so you’ll probably enjoy it here. They have a pool table, 4-in-a-row, and live music at night during high season. It’s found just up the hill from the Pak Up Hostel and down from the Post Office. GPS: 8.062575503466643, 98.91834786188147
  • Booze Bar – This one has the most reviews in Krabi Town, but it isn’t for everyone. On the way past the night market on the Krabi River near Easy Cafe, this little bar looks out on a parking area and the river just beyond. The vibe here is laid back with music playing over speakers mostly. GPS: 8.061067019366526, 98.9196996978732
  • Krabi Clubs – There are a couple of Thai clubs in town that get very crowded on the weekends and even some other nights. The vibe isn’t quite what you might think and most tourists avoid them. We didn’t list them here.

Railay Beach and Tonsai Beach Laid-Back Bars

Railay Beach West and Tonsai are really laid-back places to spend a night listening to music (some live) and looking at the ocean and stars while you drink and talk the night away. Of all the bars out at Railay, few have really good reviews and records. We hope that changes this year and next!

Railay Beach Live and Popular Music Bars

  • Why Not Bar – Facing East, this isn’t the spot for sunset, but after sunset, you should take the walk back on the path to reach Why Not Bar. The food and drinks are excellent and the vibe is nice and easy-going. GPS: 8.012920784598222, 98.84332490088875
  • Bang Bang Bar – This one is also not located on the west side for sunset views, but it is a popular bar that gets good ratings. They have music over the speakers and WIFI. GPS: 8.012032605976964, 98.84166163339026
  • Jamaica Bar – Often with live reggae music, the Jamaica Bar is a popular choice on Railay Beach. Unfortunately there is no reggae bar right on Railay West facing the sunset and ocean. This one works for most people who are looking for a chilled-out atmosphere and music. Remember, cannabis was legalized and nobody bothers you out here at night. GPS: 8.011819613541684, 98.8390133884856

Ko Phi Phi Island Bars

Ko Phi Phi Don, the bigger island, has the bars and nightlife scene for Phi Phi. It’s mostly a younger crowd visiting the islands who stay overnight for a night or two, but there are some tourists who stay in the islands for their entire vacation or who actually LIVE there!

Two girls looking at the view from the Ko Phi Phi Islands viewpoint in Krabi, Thailand.
Whether day or night, the Ko Phi Phi Islands are an incredible place to visit and the nightlife is really relaxing.

Ko Phi Phi Bars to Groove the Night Away

  • Slinky Bar – The undisputed king of bars and experiences at night in Phi Phi, this huge bar and area is right on the north beach. There are fire and pyrotechnic shows. Most people spend at least some time here! GPS: 7.741850925788186, 98.7728102103543
  • Stones Bar – Just up the beach to the north 150 meters is the Stones Bar. This one also has a lot of good reviews, but about 20% of the 2,000+ reviews that Slinky has. Many people prefer this bar so walk along the beach and check out all of them in the area between the two islands and make your choice. GPS: 7.742780741202191, 98.77367352371479
  • Carlito’s Bar – On the south beach, Carlito’s Bar is a lively bar in Ko Phi Phi that plays a mix of electronic and house music. It is a great place to dance the night away. GPS: 7.7381537797980045, 98.77355474312175

Ko Lanta – the Chillest Island in Thailand!

Ko Lanta, Railay Beach, and Ko Phi Phi are all smaller islands with more laid-back nightlife scenes than Ao Nang Beach. There are a number of bars and restaurants along the beaches, as well as in the small villages on the islands.

The bars on these islands typically play Thai music, and there are a few nightclubs, such as the Reggae Bar on Ko Lanta and the Sundowner Bar on Ko Phi Phi. Here are 25 things to do on Lanta as well!

Koh Lanta – Reggae Island Nightlife Spots

  • Reggae Bar – Reggae Bar is a popular bar in Ko Lanta that plays reggae music. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the beach vibes. GPS: 7.6293064793548035, 99.03381673257455
  • Why Not Bar – Why Not Bar is a popular bar in Ko Lanta that plays a mix of Thai and international music. It is a great place to meet people and enjoy a night out. Why Not is found on the southernmost area of the west coast near the national park. GPS: 7.502675526336664, 99.0740533679502
  • Rasta Baby Bar – Rasta Baby Bar is a lively bar in Ko Lanta that plays a mix of rock and pop music. It is a great place to dance the night away. Located in about the center of the island on Lanta’s west coast. GPS: 7.545540135741545, 99.04617697418983

Key Takeaways

  • Krabi nightlife is in a league of its own. The primary vibe is chilled-out and laid-back at 90%+ of the bars and clubs in the province. If you really want upbeat music and a lively scene – Centrepoint in Ao Nang Beach is the entertainment center for you with many bars. If you want reggae or easy-going live music, there are dozens of bars in any area that will give you what you need.
  • Most bars close by 2 a.m. in Krabi, but you’ll find some that go all night.
  • Please be SAFE and really THINK ABOUT your safety when you drink and stay out late in Thailand. There have been attacks on tourists, robberies, and even murder – mostly in Ao Nang, but Railay and the Islands can also have some bad events. Go with friends. Go home with friends. Don’t walk alone on the beach, or even with just 1-2 people on the beach at night. There are many transient people from Burma, Laos, and Cambodia who are often fingered for crimes against tourists. SAFETY FIRST! See our Cautions page. Maybe check out the Thai Culture page as well!