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Bird Field Trips

Krabi has many types of birds to spot in the area. You will want to bring your binoculars, mosquito spray or lotion, and sunblock as we head out to various bird-spotting locations in the Krabi area to spot some of Thailand’s amazing birds.

Best Location to Find Birds in Krabi?

Here we made a page to show you the best places you can go yourself to find birds in Krabi.

Longtail Boat Bird Tour Through Mangroves – this is our ultimate birding trip, the one where you will see the most species of birds and the one that also offers glimpses of other wildlife in the mangroves like gliding lizards, mangrove pit viper snakes, and other cool stuff, even monkeys sometimes. An excellent 1/2 day trip.

Khao Sok Bird Tour – a full day of bird watching as we tour the grounds of one of Thailand’s most stunning National Parks in the Surat Thani province.

We’ll be adding other bird tours to our site here as we learn more about where the best birds are to be found. In all honesty, we are not bird experts – and you’ll have to bring your expertise with you! We are learning, and we do know some good places to see birds. We’ll do our part – maybe you can teach us something about the birds we find.

If you have a custom bird tour idea, or a group of people you’d like to plan a custom tour for – CONTACT US.

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  1. Hi, I would like to enquire about a birdwatching tour for 2 pax in Krabi, what packages do you offer? We will be there 24-28 November 2022. Thank you

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