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Early on last year we weren’t really worried about testimonials, we figured they would just come. And recently they have, but we had to ask everyone once, two, and even three times to get some! Now you may think that’s because they’re all bad, but no, not at all.

Here are some of our recent testimonials from past customers who enjoyed their experiences in Krabi’s Nature.

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Krabi Night Wildlife Field Trip #1 – 5 stars

The tour was absolutely amazing! Really enjoyed it. The guide is hilarious and we had a laugh the whole way through, he knows a lot about the wildlife there and told us some interesting facts and stories! Definitely recommend 🙂 we saw some snakes, spiders, geckos, lizards, frogs and bats! Was a really cool experience and wouldn’t miss it out on your travels to Thailand!

Krabi Night Wildlife Field Trip #2 – 5 stars

Had a great time at the Nighttime Nature Walk! Saw a lot of cool little critters, and the guide was super kind and informative. I especially appreciated this company’s respect for the animals and how they take care not to disturb or harm them. Spotting the animals along the path felt like we were visiting their neighbors, like “this is where the tarantula usually lives, let’s see if they’re home tonight”. Everything went smoothly and they were quick to respond to emails and whatsapp while coordinating the outing. Thank you! 🌿

Krabi Night Wildlife Field Trip #3 – 5 stars

We initially arranged a night time nature walk with Lek and were met by our guide outside our hotel in Ao Nang. My girlfriend was a bit apprehensive but the area we went was safe and on a tarmac road with dense jungle either side, so very easy to see, or not see whatever you wanted. Soon as we arrived we were given head torches and started looking for animals which were everywhere! Ghekos, spiders, tarantulas, insects, scorpions we were also lucky enough to see a civil hiding in a tree. The highlight for me was seeing a wild Thai black tarantula hiding in its burrow. We had mentioned we were looking to avoid the crowds on the islands the next day, so our guide suggested a bird watching tour along the river in Krabi. Lek arranged a taxi and we were dropped off with our guide just before 8am. It was really peaceful being on the river that early, just us for quite a lot of it. We saw lots of kingfishers, sea eagles, kites, woodpeckers and lots of smaller species of birds. Our guide was a good spotter. We arranged for the taxi to meet us later in the afternoon and went for a wander round Krabi, got some breakfast and lunch and saw the caves. Really glad we chose to do these two tours and would contact Lek again if we return to Krabi.

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Birdwatching by Boat Field Trip

A testimonial from four customers on a birdwatching tour on the Krabi river through the mangroves.

Blue Plankton Boat Trip

A testimonial from one our participants in the Blue Plankton boat tour off Ao Nang Beach at night.

Krabi Night Wildlife Field Trip #4

Night forest walk testimonial.