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Krabi Tours – Cool Things to Do in Ao Nang and Town!

Krabi has so many things to do, we can’t cover them all, but we do have info on some of the BEST ONES!

  • 4 Islands Tour – See 4 stunning islands in one 6 hour trip. Snorkeling and Swimming!
  • Bicycling Tours – See the waterfall, or just off-road dirt paths as you rent a bike and go on field trips.
  • Birdwatching – Krabi is full of interesting species like Heron, Pittas, Kingfishers, Eagles, Osprey!
  • Blue Plankton Tour – Swim with the blue plankton and get photos and videos! 4 hours at night.
  • Caves in Krabi – there are a couple of caves you can explore yourself and one guided tour!
  • Crystal (Emerald) Pool, Hot Spring Tour – Can combine with Tiger Cave Temple too!
  • Hiking/Trekking – There are some nice places to go hiking in Krabi, over 22 spots! Most you can do for free, and some of them you can take a guide.
  • Hot Springs – There are 3 hot springs you can visit in Krabi.
  • Landscape & Scenery Photography Field Trip – See beautiful areas of Krabi for photos and videos.
  • Saltwater Fishing Trip – Catch saltwater species – jacks, mahi, snapper, more!
  • SCUBA Diving – All kinds of trips to see fish, whales, eels, snakes, and other aquatic sealife!
  • Snorkeling – There are some trips you can take to remote locations around islands for snorkeling too!
  • Tiger Cave Temple – Visit this one for a few hours and see from the top viewpoint all of Krabi’s mountains and limestone karst. Excellent for sunset! You can combine this with the Hotspring and Crystal Pool tours.
  • Unique Krabi Tours – We do tours nobody else does. See some of them here.
  • Wildlife Photography Tour – See all kinds of lizards, geckos, snakes, spiders, insects, and mammals on this unique tour through the rainforest in Krabi.
  • Wildlife Nature Walk at Night – Unique chance to see wildlife of all kinds at night.