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Southern Thailand Wildlife Photography Tour

Frog resting in grass in Southern Thailand during our photography tour.

The rainforest surrounding us here in Krabi Town is really stunning. Krabi is a great base for Thailand wildlife photography tours because we are within a couple hours by boat or vehicle of reaching other amazing places like Langkawi Island in Malaysia, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan Islands in Surat province just north of us, Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga, and Phuket Island.

Our Southern Thailand Wildlife Photo Tour can be customized to fit exactly what you’re looking for. There are numerous national parks and wilderness areas we can choose from. Let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll create a plan for your trip.

Some of our field trips during your tour will be by day and some by night. We can do physically demanding hikes up winding mountain paths sometimes, or roam across relatively flat land. We have a wide variety of options for everything we do, we just need to know what you want your ideal experience to look like and we’ll create that for you.


Breakfast: Early, sometimes very early if we’re going to get sunrise shots. We wake up, get our gear together to meet the demands of the day. We eat and then drive to our planned activity.

Once on-site, we’ll decide on a plan of action – sticking together, fanning out, going separate ways, there are usually options to go at your own pace. We don’t want to slow our photographers down, and we don’t want to push you to pick up the pace. The pace is yours to decide in most cases.

Some days we’ll stay at the same location. Other days we might have something else planned to visit. Typically we won’t split the day up into a morning session and an evening – night time session. We’ll either do morning and day or evening and night sessions on any one day.

Lunch: Usually about 6 hours after breakfast. Snack opportunities exist throughout the day by bringing what you want in your bag.

After lunch we may be driving to the next location, we might continue on where we were, or we might head back to the hotel or bungalow.

Dinner: Usually after 6 pm.

Walking Distance: We can go anywhere from 1 kilometer to many kilometers per day, based on your ability. If you can do it, we can do it!

Hours Per Day Shooting Photographs: 6-8

Number of Days and Nights: 6 days and 6 nights, depending when you fly in and out. Extra days are available and pro-rated by day.

Recommended Clothing and Gear List: (click)

Internet: WIFI is widely available in most populated areas. In national parks and some other remote areas we may not be able to find it. Thailand uses WIFI, 4G, 5G, LTE for mobile data connections that might work for you if you can add a Thailand SIM card to your mobile phone.

If you need a SIM before you arrive, do let us know so we can pick one or more up for you. Thailand’s WIFI connections available in hotels are frequently slow and it probably isn’t realistic to think you will be able to upload all your images to a remote server (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) at the end of the day. See more here on Digital Data Info.

Included Costs: Accommodation, transportation, and food (3 meals) are covered once we pick you up at the airport, bus station, or ferry. Internet will sometimes be available where we stay or where we eat. If you need to make use of it frequently, do let us know.

Snacks and other supplies can be found at one of the numerous stores we’ll be close to.

Batteries you need may be difficult to find. If you need A123 batteries, watch type disc batteries, or something else outside the usual AA, AAA, D, etc, we strongly suggest you bring what you will need over the course of your tour.

Cost for your trip will depend on your itinerary. It will depend what animals or flora you want to target because this will determine locations we need to go to find them. It will also depend on the number of days you choose.

Southern Thailand Photography Tour Fees for this 6-DAY TOUR are roughly $2,800 per person for singles and $4,900 for two-persons sharing accommodations.

CONTACT HERE FIRST if you are considering a tour and want to ask questions, etc.

Groups: If you have a group of three (3) or more people, let us know so we can figure out a discount. If you have a large group, please give us at least one (1) month notice so we can secure the resources we need to make your tour exceptional.

Maximum Tour Group Participants: The maximum is usually just eight (8). If we have more than eight, we may add another staff photographer to the group to be able to give better personal attention to each participant.

Minimum Age: 15 years. This is not set in stone. If you have a mature son or daughter that will be accompanying you on this trip and they don’t mind walking around the jungle for hours at a time for six days in a row, then great! I think most children wouldn’t be a good fit for this tour, but we do love kids!

Private Tours: We do have the option for private tours, which means nobody else will be going along with your group – your tour members will include just your group of 2-8, one staff photographer, and our driver (Thai).


Southern Thailand is where I’ve spent the last eight years of my life trekking trails through dense canopy covered jungle paths and even forging new trails where necessary. I am an expert on Thailand snakes and I know my way around many of the animals and insects we are likely to see on the trip.

There is no real danger from large animals like crocodiles, bear, or tigers in the jungle where we’ll be photographing. Just the usual ants, termites, mosquitoes, bees, or other biting or stinging things like caterpillars are the pests I deal with while walking through the forest. Typically in the thick of the jungle I wear short sleeved fast wicking runner’s shirts and long lightweight pants which I tuck into my socks. I wear a wide-brimmed hat and I might spray my neck and upper arms with a mosquito repellant if the mozzies are thick.

Thailand has been my home for over ten years, and me and my wife, our daughter, and my wife’s mother will probably live here the rest of our lives. I can’t see it any other way.

Forest-crested lizard in Southern Thailand during our photography tour.
Calotes emma is one of the common lizards in the Southern Thailand rainforests. There are a couple color phases, all of them beautiful. These magnificent reptiles are common and we will find some during your trip.

Looking for a couple of hours of night in Thailand’s rainforest photographing lizards, frogs, toads, geckos, centipedes, snakes, scorpions and slow lorises?

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