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Flora Found During Field Trips

Thailand has some amazing plant life we can either focus on for the entirety of your trip, for a day, or just as we go about walking through the amazing rainforest. Here are some of our favorite photos from past field trips.

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Rain shower finishing at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort in Krabi Noi.
Some of the grounds at Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort after a light spring rain.
A pink hibiscus in Krabi.
Hibiscus! ©
A fast freshwater stream at Ngon Nak Nature Trail in Tub Kaek, Ao Nang, Krabi.
A stream over at Ngorn Nak mountain (Dragon’s Peak). ¬©
Dreamy green seed found at Thara Park in Krabi Town, Thailand.
Cool-shaped seed. Many things are photogenic if we give it a try!
An amazing red flower blooming on one of our night tours.

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