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Krabi Shopping in 2024 (Food, Clothes, Tech, Souvenirs)

Everyone who comes to Thailand on vacation needs to shop for something at some point. Here in Krabi shopping is a little bit difficult to figure out where to go for what. Here, we’ll show you exactly where to get the essentials you’re looking for from food and restaurants to clothes, household goods like fans, pillows, or makeup, and where you can find the latest technology like smartphones, computers, printers, or office supplies.

Where Can You Shop for Grocery Food in Krabi?

In the last few years, there have been a number of new grocery stores sprouting up around Krabi. Some of these stores have some Western foods like spaghetti sauce, spaghetti, taco shells, salsa, etc. Here are some of the best grocery shops where you may find what you’re looking for:

Makro on Highway 4 and Makro in Ao Nang Beach

  • all kinds of fresh fish, shrimp, crabs, frogs, lobsters, salmon, squid
  • Fresh-cut pork and chicken
  • frozen fish and beef
  • chips, pretzels, bagged snacks of all kinds, chocolate bars, cookies, crackers, peanuts of all kinds
  • many frozen foods like dumplings, vegetables, french fries, etc.
  • small ovens, microwaves, blenders, toasters, mixers

Lotus’s and Big C are also big grocery stores in Krabi. You can find both on Highway 4 on the way to the Krabi Airport.

One of the smaller groceries to pop up recently is Mother Marche’s. They have a branch right in Krabi Town here, and one in Ao Nang here. They have a good selection of Western food and snacks, and it’s almost like TOPS, but not quite as good in selection. There is no TOPS store in Krabi, but Surat Thani has one at the Central Mall there.

Where Are Some of the Best Restaurants in Krabi Town?

Bistro Monaco’s – Excellent European food (with German) including wiener schnitzel, pork chops, pizza, spaghetti, salads, etc. Voted best in Krabi for years. 160 Google reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 rating. Trip Advisor has ranked it the number-one restaurant in Krabi for multiple years in a row now. Here are the Best Pizza restaurants in Krabi and Ao Nang.

Pirate’s House – If you like Indian food, this is the only place to go in Krabi Town, and that’s fine because it has some good food and it’s pretty reasonably priced as well.

Swenson’s Ice Cream – Found in Tesco (Lotus’s) on the second floor. Wide variety. Try a scoop of green tea with cantaloupe for a mind-blowing experience. OK, Google Maps saying it’s permanently closed at Lotus’s. There is a Swenson’s at Vogue Mall on Maharat Road in Krabi Town by the Neanderthal traffic light.

Best Restaurants at Ao Nang Beach?

For Pizza, there are 4 places we recommend. All of them have different pizzas, so you’ll have to try them, but they’re all quite good.

Bouganville Pizzeria Restaurant – Located very close to the Post Office on the way to the beach, just up the street from McDonald’s. The crust, sauce, and cheese is the some of the best in Ao Nang.

Caesar’s Pizza Ao Nang – Found just across the street from the Makro’s in Ao Nang, this very small pizzeria has excellent pizza. We rate their 4-cheese pizza the best in Ao Nang! Try it!

Spaghetti House – We haven’t eaten here again since it opened after being closed during COVID, but it’s probably still very good pizza and salads. Close to McDonald’s and on the same side of the street.

Umberto’s Cuisine – Really excellent, almost gourmet pizza that is delicious, but the real strength of this restaurant is that everything they make is fantastic. We have never had a bad meal here. Very nice atmosphere. Great for a date.

Where Can I Shop for Cameras or Other Photography Gear in Krabi? Or, Fix my Lens or Camera?

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Where Can You Buy an iPhone or Samsung Phone, Tablet, or Computer in Krabi?

Tech items like smartphones and other tech are available, but you may not find exactly what you want. We’ll list some stores below for popular items and we’ll link to their Google Maps position – just click to see it.


The best one-stop-shop to go looking for tech items like a phone or computer, is at the main Tesco Lotus department store, now called Lotus’s. They have two floors of stores including specialized computer shops, and many phone stands in the middle of public spaces.

Studio 7 – This Apple-focused store has a lot of Apple’s latest technology including the latest iPhones, iMacs, MacBook Pros and Airs, iPad Pros, Mini, and general iPads. They have a full selection of iPhone cases and computer and tablet cases and speakers, and accessories of all kinds for Apple equipment. Found on the second floor.

Banana Electronics – Computers of all kinds – Acer, Lenovo, Compaq, Toshiba, and other brands are covered. They also sell many brands of phones like Apple, Oppo, Samsung, Huawei, and many others. Second floor.

Krabi Town Phone Shops

All around Krabi Town on Maharat Road especially, are privately owned phone shops where they sell smartphones like iPhones, iPads, Samsung phones, etc. They also do repairs of phones at these places. Many of these shops sell second-hand phones (moo-uh song, is second-hand in the Thai language).

Where Can You Shop for Appliances and Household Items in Krabi?

Refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, and microwaves, fans, vacuum cleaners, and all kinds of household items can be found at Lotus’s and Big C on Highway 4 outside of Krabi Town. Both Makro’s locations also have a limited selection of these things.

What Does DIY Krabi Have?

Just about everything. If you need something for your home or hotel room and you don’t mind that it’s cheap or made in China, go to DIY and they will probably have what you’re looking for.

They have small items and no appliances, but just about everything you could possibly have a need for, and it will be affordable. Lotus’s has a DIY and there is another one closer to Krabi Town at Talad Gaew intersection (click the link in the heading above).

Where Can I Buy Jewelry in Krabi?

Friday Buddha pendant for necklaces.Saturday Buddha pendant for necklaces.Monday Buddha pendant for necklaces.
Above are pendants of Buddha in poses corresponding to days of the week. You can search to see if they have your birthday Buddha here. Hundreds of Buddhist pendants – some very rare – at 😛

If you’re looking for Buddhist items like Buddha, Ganesh, Kwan Yin, or Thai Monk pendants for necklaces or bracelets, you can go to Thai Amulet Store here. This one has been in business for over 10 years and they have a very large selection of jewelry and Buddhist items and books.

Our friend Lars has sold jewelry for decades right on Ao Nang Beach. You can find his store here Lars Krog (website), and at Chock Dee Handmade (Facebook).

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