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Best Pizza in Ao Nang and Krabi Town in 2024 (with Photos)

Best Krabi Pizza Restaurants

There is one good pizza place in Krabi Town and four great pizza places at Ao Nang Beach area. We love pizza and we have eaten good Italian pizza all over the world. We are lucky to have so many excellent pizza shops in Krabi, this small town area! The only problem is, the pizza shops in Krabi Town don’t deliver the pizza to your hotel room!

If the pizza or Italian place you are considering is not on this list, it is not recommended. We’ve eaten at ALL OF THEM!

Bistro Monaco

Krabi Town's Bistro Monaco European style restaurant has pizza as its number one order.
We can’t help ourselves, and always get the margherita pizza at Bistro Monaco’s in Krabi Town. We order with a side of garlic/oil that is fantastic. Ask Martin for it – it’s extra.

BISTRO MONACO has the BEST PIZZA in Krabi Town. Plus European food – wiener schnitzel, pasta, and other amazing creations. The chef makes all kinds of food. Excellent service and smiles by Martin and his wife. If you are in Krabi Town, there is nowhere else to go but here for a great Western meal.

Bouganville Pizza

Bouganville's margherita pizza in Ao Nang Beach, Krabi.
We are so lucky to have a few great pizza places in Krabi. I eat at Bouganville Pizza most times when I make it out to Ao Nang Beach. It’s on the road coming in, by the Post Office.

Located in Ao Nang close to the beach, this one is highly recommended and their freshly baked Italian bread is the best bread I’ve ever had not just in Thailand, but anywhere. Service is always very fast and the girls are polite and nice.

The crust is awesome. The sauce is perfect. The cheese is really tasty. Bouganville serves the BEST PIZZA in Ao Nang, Krabi.

Caesar’s Pizza

Caesar’s Margherita pizza in Ao Nang across from Makro. Here, I think he misunderstood and just added a little pepperoni. I think there is usually more.

This is very good pizza also. It’s across from the small Makro in Ao Nang on ther road between Ao Nang Beach and Ao Nam Mao.

All the pizza is good but recently I tried the 4-cheese pizza, and it is the one I get every time now. Delicious. Get there early. They have 80% of the tables “Reserved” all the time and service can take 30 mins or more for a pizza.

Spaghetti House

Ao Nang Italian pizza place with pizza, pasta, salads, beer, etc. They have reopened post-COVID.

Umberto’s Italian Cuisine

Fantastic pizza here as well! This has a nice setting without walls and taking up part of the lobby of a hotel. It’s a nice atmosphere to bring a date or friends. Located in Ao Nang up the road near the Tourist Police box. The crust is awesome. The sauce is even better. The cheese is miraculous. The only problem I ever have here is that the pizza is very droopy. The middle is so thin that it flops and your sauce and cheese runs off onto your plate.

This isn’t a huge problem because you can use the folded pizza maneuver and take a big first bite of all that gooey goodness.

Pizza Delivery in Krabi?

The only place that delivers pizza in Krabi Town is Pizza Company at the mall. In Ao Nang, you can have Grab or another delivery service deliver your pizzas to your hotel room. Some may not do it if you’re not a resident of the area.

Viva Pizza, a restaurant that closed down a short while ago in Krabi, Thailand.
This was from a pizza place in Krabi town that closed down a few years ago.

Krabi Pizza Price?

The average cost of a pizza this year (2023) is about 240 THB for a margarita pizza. I know Caesar’s is cheaper, but most are right around this price point. Extra toppings are usually 30-50 THB each.

Best Pizza in Ao Nang?

Bouganville Pizza is the best pizza in Ao Nang Beach. Plus they have decent inside and porch tables, a restroom, and great service. This is a tough call because we also love Caesar’s 4-cheese pizza and Umberto’s margherita.

Best Pizza in Krabi Town?

Bistro Monaco’s pizza is definitely the best pizza, best service, and best atmosphere to have lunch or dinner at in Krabi Town. This restaurant has been rated #1 on TripAdvisor for years. There’s many reasons for that! Go and try it.

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