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Umberto’s Italian Restaurant in Ao Nang Beach

Italian and Thai Food

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve only eaten the pizza here at Umberto’s (previously “Red Devil”) because I just love it so much that I never have room in my stomach for anything else. The pizza is amazing – the crust is what I really love. While the other Italian restaurants in Krabi all have very thin crust, at Umberto’s you can order a “double crust” for just a dollar or so more, and it’s really more like the pizza I grew up with on the East Coast of the USA.

I have heard nothing but good reviews of the food at Umberto’s. It is definitely one of my top 3 favorite pizza restaurants in Ao Nang Beach. Caesar’s is another and Bouganville Pizzeria is the other one.

Restaurant Atmosphere

Really nice atmosphere that is great for a date, or for friends. There is an open area to the front of the restaurant with some outdoor seating. Inside, the ceiling is high and the room, spacious. This looks more high-end than some of the other restaurants I frequently eat at, and it’s a good place to treat yourself. I do often…

There is usually music playing, and no television that I was aware of last time I was there. I didn’t pay much attention.

Water and Ice?

The water and ice sold at Umberto’s is clean and free of harmful additives. They never serve tap water, and you can be sure the water and ice is clean and healthy.


Prices are reasonable, but a little more expensive than the other Italian restaurants in Krabi. The food is quite excellent, so it’s still well within reason.


Ratings are very high for this Italian restaurant. You can be sure the food is fresh, good, and service is great.

Umberto's Italian Restaurant - Ao Nang, Krabi

Umberto’s Location

From Krabi Town, come into Ao Nang on the Beach Road and go past McDonald’s, the main police box at the beach, the whole beach store stretch, and go around the bends. From there you’ll make a right up the short cut between Ao Nang and the Snake Show. Umberto’s is right off the lobby of a hotel on the right side about 150 meters from Beach Road.

Some other info…

There appears to be a pretty extensive wine selection, and many Italians eat here. So, I think you cannot go wrong by visiting Umberto’s Italian Restaurant in Ao Nang, whether you have a large group of people or just a couple. The service is polite and the food is delicious.

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