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Krabi Snake Show

We strongly recommend you book a wildlife tour instead of visit local wildlife shows.

When you see animals in the wild, they are where they belong. They eat when hungry. They go where they want to go based on temperatures and humidity. They are not subject to undue stress and teasing. They are not crowded together with other snakes. They are not killed for their skins or gall bladder. They are not fed to other snakes higher on the food chain. Snakes you find in the wilderness with us are living life to the ultimate.

We have many kinds of snakes in Krabi and you can see some of them on any night field trip we do. Come along and see snakes like these…

Snakes sometimes found in Krabi include:

  • Burmese Pythons
  • Blood Pythons
  • Reticulated Pythons
  • Malayan Pit Vipers
  • King Cobras
  • Monocled Cobras
  • Indo-Chinese Rat Snakes
  • Keeled Rat Snakes (Ptyas carinatus)
  • Banded Kraits
  • Red-tailed Racers (large green rat snakes – beautiful!)
  • Copperheaded Racers
  • Mangrove Cat Snakes
  • Bronzeback Snakes

We also have another hundred different species to find in the wilderness!

During a night field trip we always find lizards, geckos, and sometimes slow lorises actively feeding and water monitors sleeping.

If you are interested in learning more about Thailand Snakes, see – Thailand Snakes (.com)

If you are interested in snake tours – herping tours, you can reserve a tour through the mangroves to find Mangrove Pit Vipers, Mangrove Cat Snakes, Pythons, and other snakes.

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