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Snakes Found on Krabi Nature Photo Tours

Some of the snakes we’ve found while out on field trips in Krabi province, Thailand. If there is a specific species or family of snakes you’d like to target during your photography tour with us, do let us know.

We can target green pit vipers, king cobras, monocled cobras, cat snakes, tree snakes, ground snakes, water snakes, pipe snakes, water snakes, keelbacks, coral snakes, and kraits.

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A green vine snake with tongue sticking out in Krabi, Thailand.
Malayan Whip Snake from eco tour of Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand.
Red-headed krait found on field trip to Trang province in Southern Thailand.
A red-headed krait (Bungarus flaviceps) from a field trip to Trang province, Southern Thailand.
Malayan krait from Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort in Krabi, Thailand - Bungarus candidus.
Malayan krait from eco tour of Krabi, Thailand. (Bungarus candidus)
Reticulated Python from Krabi Noi, Thailand.
A large 5 meter reticulated python found in Krabi, Thailand during a photo field trip.
A small-spotted coral snake found in Krabi, Thailand during a photography field trip.
A small-spotted coral snake found in Krabi, Thailand during a photo field trip.
Brown-spotted green pit viper (T venustus) found in Krabi, Thailand on a night hike.
Known as the “Beautiful Pit Viper.” Trimeresurus venustus found in Southern Thailand, Krabi province.
Adult Oriental whip snake (Ahaetula prasina) found during our Krabi Wildlife Photography field trip.
We found this yellow phase Ahaetulla prasina vine snake sleeping high in some branches and were able to pull the tree down to our level to get some photos. These are common, but usually in green phase. There are also grey and speckled types.
Juvenile king cobra found on nature hike at night in Krabi.
King Cobra we found on a night nature hike in the Krabi rainforest. ©

There is a Reptile Internship over at Thailand Snakes (.com). They have created this immersive learning opportunity for reptile enthusiasts to live on the border of rainforest for 1-8 weeks and spend as much time as possible learning about all aspects of reptile behavior. If you’re interested in that, there is more info about the Internship Here.

Looking for a couple of hours at night in Thailand’s rainforest photographing lizards, frogs, toads, geckos, centipedes, snakes, scorpions and slow lorises?

Krabi night wildlife toursreptiles, amphibians, insects, slow lorises.

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