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Swim in Blue Plankton on this Krabi Tour from Ao Nang Beach.
Combine with islands tour/snorkeling.
A night wildlife safari in Krabi's rainforst.
Night Wildlife Walk
You choose what to focus on!
Krabi bird walking tours to see eagles, heron, kingfishers and more.
Boat bird tours are even better!
Slow loris tours at night in Krabi's rainforest.
Bats, bugs, frogs, and other stuff too.
Krabi snorkeling and island tours.
Combine with blue plankton!
Krabi's Crystal Pool and Blue Pool tours in the wilderness.
A beautiful freshwater pool – go early!
Krabi photographer field trips tour to custom locations.
Create a custom trip, you design.
Krabi's Dragon Crest hiking tour in Tub Kaak past Ao Nang Beach.
Are you up for the challenge?
Bird tours in Krabi by longtail boat in the mangroves area of Krabi Town.
Includes Pittas!

Join us on a night spider safari in Krabi.
Dozens of Spider Species found!

Join us on a night time snake safari tour in Krabi.
40+ Different species are here.

A Krabi night safari to see frogs, lizards, geckos, and more in the tropical rainforest.
Frogs, Lizards, Geckos, 100s of Animals!
Our night insect safari tour through the wild jungle of Krabi.
Mantids, Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, Centipedes,
Jungle Nymphs, Stick Insects, Ants,
Termites, and more!