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Snakes in Krabi in 2024? Tours? Cautions?

Yes, there are snakes in Krabi. All kinds of snakes. Many people want to know if they are likely to see snakes in Krabi during their vacation. Field trips and tours to see snakes.

How Common Are Snakes in Krabi Province of Thailand?

Snakes are common in Krabi, both venomous and non-venomous snakes. How can you see them? Chances are, you won’t see any at all. We know people who go looking for them, and don’t always find them after spending a few hours in the rainforest looking right where snakes should be.

They are very good at hiding and even if you come to Thailand multiple times, you probably won’t ever see a snake here. There are many reasons for that, but the biggest one is that they don’t like people – Thais regularly kill any snake they see.

Here is a website all about Thailand Snakes. They have information about how to find them, how to avoid them, etc. There are a couple of books – two of them are free eBooks you should get if you’ll be staying in Thailand for any length of time and you want to learn about some of the common snakes you might find in your yard or around your home while you are here.

If you want to look for snakes and go on a herping (reptiles, amphibians, frogs, birds) tour – herping expedition field trip, have a look here.

Many visitors to Thailand want to know if there are snakes here and whether they will see any.

Where Can I Get Good Info on Snakes in Thailand?

The website, “” covers snakes really well with lots of photos and even a couple great books on the subject. If you fear being bitten by a venomous snake – at least know what to do when you are bitten by one. Get this venomous snake book and you’ll know the first aid procedures and where to get the antivenom if your hospital doesn’t have it.

There are tours to go out looking in the rainforest and other areas for venomous and non-venomous snakes. If you go out looking, you will probably find a snake or two. You’ll have to look very hard for them, and if you know where to look, and when – you’ll find something. There are more snakes to find at night than during the day.

If you are vacationing in Krabi province you will almost definitely NOT see a snake during the daytime, or night time. It’s just not very likely at all. Even people that come to Krabi to go looking for snakes don’t always find even one in a couple of hours of looking.

What snakes should you be cautious of in Krabi?

There are 35 deadly snakes in Thailand, but not all of them are in Krabi. Still we have a lot!

A very dangerous pit viper in Krabi.
Thailand’s most dangerous snake because it doesn’t move if you come close. It is the Malayan Pit Viper. Do not walk outside at night without a flashlight (torch) so you can avoid stepping on this snake.

One dangerous and common venomous snake in Krabi is the Malayan Pit Viper (Calloselasma rhodostoma) (the snake shown above). The color can vary from dark brown, to light brown, to a reddish color like you see here.

These snakes coil up in grass or on concrete and just sit there still. They don’t move even if you are right about to step on it, so do be careful at night time to always bring a light with you. These snakes are active by night primarily, but you may still see on in the daytime.

I had one on my porch on the first day we moved into a new townhouse in Krabi town. If you see this snake in Krabi, call the EMS (emergency medical) staff or police and they will remove it for you. You should give them 500 THB or so for their trouble.

The biggest pests in Krabi, and really all of Thailand – are mosquitos. Use protection – DEET 50 or more, and you will most likely be OK.

I would not be concerned about snakes in the province. If you want to find snakes while you’re here, let us know by contacting us through the tour link or join the Thailand Snakes Facebook group and send them a message there.

Are there Crocodiles in Krabi?

No. Crocodiles are further south in Singapore and some parts of Malaysia but they very rarely make it all the way to Krabi province coastal waters. Occasionally they come as far as Trang province.

What Animals Live In Krabi?

Krabi has a wide variety of animals including venomous and non-venomous snakes, turtles, lizards, geckos, many rare bird species, some beautiful owls, night jars, hog badgers, small deer, pangolin, slow lorises, many kinds of spiders, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, many butterflies and moths, leaf insects of many kinds, praying mantis’, bears, small leopard cats, porcupines, gibbons and other monkeys, eagles, lots of fish and marine life!

Is Krabi Safe for Walking in the Forest?

Krabi is relatively safe for forest walks at night because it has very few animals in the forest that can hurt you at night. We don’t have tigers or large leopards and we very rarely see a bear. The most dangerous things we have are snakes on the ground. The Malayan Pit Viper and other pit vipers and cobras are dangerous at night if you step too close.

Using a bright flashlight or headlamp while walking at night anywhere in the dark is imperative to avoid stepping on snakes, scorpions, and centipedes.

During daytime, we can add bees to that list of dangerous things to be aware of in Krabi.

Don’t worry, we have over 50 million visitors to Thailand some years and very, VERY few people are ever bitten or stung by anything at all.

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