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What Dangerous Animals Are in Krabi, Thailand? (2024 update)

If you’re visiting Krabi anytime soon, you probably are at least a little bit concerned about what kinds of dangerous animals we have here that you should be aware of. We do have some animals that can be a danger to humans, and yet some of the bigger animals are not a real problem here.

Let’s See What Animals We Have!

Krabi’s Potentially Dangerous Land Animals (Terrestrial)

Ants and Termites

Of course we have ants and termites running all over the place. That’s every warm country, no matter where you go, right?

We have hundreds of species of ants and a lot of termites but you won’t be bitten often if you take a few precautions.

Ant/Termite Bite Precautions

  • Wear shoes that cover your feet. Wear socks too if possible.
  • Spray your socks or bottom legs and shoes with lemongrass or other strong smelling mosquito or bug spray
  • If trail walking, keep walking. You’re at risk when you stop near many ants.
  • If raining, ants will immediately climb your dry foot in the forest or grass. Be aware.
  • Ants can be on your towels you use for the shower, or your clothes. Inspect well before use!!

Bees, Hornets, Wasps

We have all of these, and they can give painful stings. All of these are active during the day and you’ll need to just be aware of them. If you have previously suffered anaphylaxis (deadly allergic reaction) to stinging insects, you’ll need to carry an Epi-Pen or similar for immediate treatment in case of a sting.

Flying (Stinging) Insects Precautions

  • Soda and other sweet drinks can attract bees quickly. If you see one or two, you’ll soon see 20-100. Get inside or quickly drink your beverage and dispose of the container.
  • When riding a motorbike, you may get a stinging insect trapped between your fingers. They sting quickly. Be aware and shake your hand out quickly if you feel something sizable hit your hand.
  • Don’t kill bees or hornets, they have pheromones that attract other bees/hornets to attack. We did this one time and had hundreds on our porch within 1-2 minutes.
  • While hiking if you hear the obvious hum of a large hive, turn around. People are killed each year by stings. Usually it’s Buddhist monks for some odd reason. Maybe the color of their orange robes contributes?

Centipedes and Scorpions

The small brown scorpions in Krabi (Thailand) are the most painful. Check your shoes.

We have both centipedes and scorpions in Krabi, and all over Thailand. These are both capable of a painful sting.

The scorpion has a stinger at the tip of the tail and leaves one hole per sting. They may sting multiple times, so get away from it quickly. Stings hurt a lot, like a bee sting, but the pain can last a long time especially when on the foot or hand where there are many nerve endings.

The centipede has sideways stinging mandibles on the head and leaves 2 marks with each sting/bite.

Centipedes have a potent venom that can swell up the bite site quickly.

Centipede and Scorpion Precautions

  • Check your shoes and around anything you pick up from the ground as they could be hanging on! We have found them in our garage and driveway, and even in the house occasionally. They enter the house using drains, so keep the screen on your shower and sink drains.
  • The large black forest scorpions that grow to around 7 inches in length do not cause as much pain as smaller scorpions of different species. The small brown ones hurt the most. You may need pain reliever to deal with the pain which may last more than 24 hours.
  • Black scorpions are more active during full moon (and bright moon) times of night. You can also see them in daylight, but they are most active at night. Centipedes are the same.

Venomous Caterpillars

Green venomous and dangerous caterpillar in Krabi, Thailand.
Venomous green caterpillars are dangerous in Krabi, do be careful not to brush up against one.

Caterpillars are found all over Thailand and some of them are venomous and can inflict a powerful sting from their venomous barbs if you brush against them. The pain is similar to a jellyfish sting or having acid on your skin.

Caterpillar Precautions

  • Caterpillars are sometimes hanging from trees on silk threads and can fall on you as you walk by. Sometimes there is nothing you can do, you just can’t see them.
  • When walking on a nature trail or past any bushes or branches, be careful not to brush against any leaves which may have a caterpillar attached.


Thailand has many spiders, but almost all of them are completely harmless for humans except a slightly painful sting. Tarantulas can give a stronger bite than most, but you probably wont see one unless you go with us on a night walk to find wildlife.

Thailand has the Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders, both of which have a dangerous venom, but if you are quickly treated you will likely be fine. Here are some spiders we see on our nature hikes at night.

Krabi Spider Precautions

The most dangerous spiders like brown recluse and black widows are usually in homes in dark areas of the house that are rarely disturbed. Be very careful.

Snakes in Krabi

We have a page dedicated to educating you about snakes in Krabi. You almost certainly will not see any during your short trip to Thailand, but if you live here you will see some occasionally.

We have venomous and harmless snakes in Krabi. You are more at risk at night if you walk without a flashlight. Here is our gallery of some snakes found in Krabi.

We have monocled cobras, king cobras, kraits, pit vipers, and coral snakes – all are venomous and capable of a potentially dangerous bite. Pay attention to the precautions below and you’ll be fine.

Krabi Snake Precautions

  • If bitten, go immediately to the hospital if you have any symptoms like black bruising at the bite site; bleeding from any orifice, dizziness, stomach ache, sweating, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, and eyelids fluttering.
  • Never walk through grass or plants at night, even with a flashlight, you won’t see the snakes.
  • Use a flashlight outside whenever you walk at night.
  • Wear shoes that cover your feet at night, or when in the rainforest.
  • Leave snakes alone, they may be capable of more than you can guess.

Other Dangerous Krabi Animals

Are there Tigers in Krabi?

No, certainly not. We don’t have a large enough forest in Krabi Province. However, if you go next door to Surat Thani Province, they do have some tigers along the Myanmar border in the big forest of Khao Sok.

Are there Bears in Krabi?

Yes, we do have the Malayan Sun Bear and Asiatic Black Bear in Krabi but there are few sightings per year anywhere near tourists or even in the forest. We have been in the forest over 1,000 times and never seen a bear or bear prints. A friend of ours has seen one bear eating fruit at night near a resort in the forest. Bears are very rare. More info on Bears in Krabi.

Does Krabi have Leopards?

Yes, we have a couple of small leopard species, but there have been no attacks on humans for the last 16 years that we have lived here. You don’t have to worry about them.

Night tours for finding wildlife in Krabi, Thailand.
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Dangerous Ocean Creatures in Krabi


Krabi has sharks that are fantastic to look at and experience during diving trips off the Krabi Province coast.

The dangerous sharks like Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Great Whites, and Bull Sharks are not really close to the shore as they are inhibited by extensive coral reefs.

Shark Precautions on Dives in Krabi

  • Stay aware of your surroundings and don’t provoke sharks or feed them anything while in the water, or a boat.

Blue Ringed Octopus Stings

Blue-ringed Octopi can be found in the oceans around Thailand and most Asian countries. They are sometimes found in tide pools and on the beach. They have a potentially deadly neurotoxic venom called Tetrodotoxin that is absorbed through human skin. It’s very toxic and sometimes life-threatening.

Symptoms are severe or total paralysis within minutes. Artificial respiration is essential to save the victim’s life.

Blue Ringed Octopus Precautions

  • Don’t touch any creature that is on the beach, near the beach, or in the water if you are unsure if it is dangerous. There are many dangerous organisms in the oceans.
  • Go immediately to the hospital when you have contact with one.

Jellyfish, Man-O-War Stings

Jellyfish and Portuguese Man-Of-War stings can be painful and put you into shock. There are many jellyfish in Krabi waters and you must check before swimming EVERY TIME.

Thailand has many jellyfish, and even box jellyfish. Jellyfish calendar >

Box jellyfish have killed people around Krabi, Thailand. Do be VERY careful.

Jellyfish and Man-Of-War Precautions

  • Check the water before swimming or even getting into the water.
  • Do not swim when you see them! Some are translucent and very difficult, even impossible, to see.
  • Apply heat to cut the pain a bit.
  • Apply vinegar if you have it. It can stop the venomous cysts from stinging.

Sea Snakes

Almost all sea snakes have toxic venom, you’re strongly advised never to get too close to one. They have potent venom which can stop your heart and breathing before you can make it to a hospital.

Sea Snake Precautions

Get immediate medical help if you are bitten by ANY snake in the ocean. A high percentage of them are very venomous and capable of fatal or serious medical complications.

Other Dangerous Ocean Animals

Does Krabi have any Killer Whales (Orca)?

No, there are no killer whale sightings in Krabi, Thailand.

Does Krabi have Barracuda?

Yes, there are barracuda you can see when diving or snorkeling in the waters around Krabi Province. There have been very few bites over the years from this large toothy fish.

Key Takeaways

When enjoying your vacation in Krabi, there are a couple of dangerous animals and insects you need to be aware of. Bees are probably the most common problem. Centipedes, scorpions, and snakes are probably the next most common threats.

Be aware by checking your shoes and other things on the ground before you pick them up or wear them. Check your motorbike helmet. Don’t sit on grass. Bring a torch at night to see the ground in front of you to avoid stepping on dangerous beasts.

Enjoy your holiday! There are very few problems with animals in Krabi.