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Visa Run from Phuket to Satun, Malaysia Border in 2024

[Page updated 19 June 2024]

This is an all day drive to and from the southern border of Wang Prachan in Satun Province, on the border with Malaysia. Expats with a Thailand Tourist Visa (TV) or Non-Immigrant Visa (NI) can extend their stay in Thailand through this visa run process.

Phuket and Phang Nga to Malaysia’s Wang Prachan Border in Satun

From anywhere in Phuket, you can easily reach one of our pick-up points to take you to Thailand’s southern border with Malaysia at the Satun Wang Prachan Border crossing.

Anyone with a Tourist Visa or Non-Immigant Visa will likely go on a visa run to another country to rewnew or extend your visa and your stay in Thailand. Our friend recently did this Phuket to Satun visa run on our van and told us about it. We saw a couple of opportunities to improve our service!

If you do our Visa Run – let us know what you thought! How could we improve? What did you like? What did you not enjoy at all?

NOTE: Visa Runs are effective for Thailand Tourist Visas and Non Immigrant Visas from most countries. If you have done more than 2 on your Tourist Visa, you may have a problem at the border and not be able to get back into Thailand. We never had it happen, they will usually give you at least 7 days, but you may not get 30 days like you expect.

The ride is long from Phuket, but we do it from Phang Nga, Krabi, and Trang too. So, if you’re traveling, you can leave from one of those other cities and enjoy a shorter ride to Satun!

The drive from Patong Beach to the Satun Wang Prachan Border is around 421 kilometers. This drive takes around 8 hours each way. Inevitably there are some delays as there is roadwork, accidents, or just a lot of traffic depending on the time of year, time of day, and whether there are Thailand holidays or not.

The Thailand Immigration Office as seen from the Malaysia Side. Easy walking distance between both.

Where Is the Satun Border Crossing with Malaysia?

The Wang Prachan border crossing is in Satun’s Khuan Don subdistrict in the deep south. The border is in a mountainous region that separates Thailand and Malaysia.

Main roads can be driven from Phuket to Satun until about 20 km from the border crossing. There you’ll take some smaller but well-paved roads down to the border.

At the border is a large market that is much more active on the weekend than on the weekdays. It is filled with Muslims selling all kinds of food, conveniences, and touristy items you might want to buy for someone at home.

Can I Drive Myself to the Satun Border?

Some expats do drive the entire 840 kilometers (520+ miles) down to the border and back to Phuket. This is a long ride for one day and most people split it up into two days each way. This is more reasonable and will lead to fewer accidents.

Think about a couple of things before you commit to driving yourself to Malaysia from Phuket. The entire trip will take you about 16 hours driving in your car. That’s a LONG day. It’s a lot easier to be a passenger for 16 hours than a driver.

Think about the wear and tear on your vehicle. The gas to go to Satun from Krabi (r/t) is around 1,500 THB and around 2,500 from Phuket.

If you do stop and stay in a hotel overnight, you’ll add hotel fees to your trip. Really, it’s just more cost effective, relaxing, and cost-effective to use our VIP Van Service to Wang Prachan.

What to Bring On this Visa Run?

  • Passport!
  • All loose and stapled pages in your passport.
  • Bring some extra cash – a few thousand THB for any extra expenses.
  • Bring a hat, long sleeves, and cool, loose clothing. Bring a small pillow. Bring an umbrella for rain.
  • Snack, lunch, and drink for the ride, it’s about 16 hours round trip. Limited bathroom break opportunities, but of course we stop regularly!

Thailand – Malaysia Visa Run Schedule

Time Activity
05:00 AM Pick-up from Patong Beach.
05:20 AM – 05:30 AM Pick-up from front of Central World Mall.
06:00 AM – 06:15 AM Pick up at Phang-Nga City Center.
09:00 AM – 09:15 AM VIP Van breakfast stop (about 80 THB, you pay).
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Arrival at Immigration – Wang Prachan Border in Satun Province. Exit Thailand, walk 80 meters to Malaysia “Arrival” window, get stamp. Walk 2 meters to Departure window. Get stamped out. Walk 80 meters to Thailand Arrival window. Receive extension of stay. 
01:00 PM – 01:30 PM Lunch stop (about 80 THB).
8 PM –
9 PM 
Arrival in Phang Nga and Phuket.
Finally! High Fives and yells of joy as we completed our all day journey!


What Is the Limit on Tourist Visas at the.Border?

Initial Tourist Visas must be used within 90 days. The usual stay is 60 days. Once that expires, you can extend for up to another 30 days. After that, you need a new tourist visa. The current limit on Tourist Visas per year is just 2.

Cost of Phuket/Phang Nga to Satun Visa Run

  • 1 person – 3,900 THB
  • Travel Visa fees at the border (you pay) – 1,300 for 30 day or 2,600 for 60 day pass.
  • Breakfast and Lunch – about 100 THB each.

If you want information about our KRABI and TRANG Visa Run Service to Malaysia – Go!