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Lizards and Geckos Found on Photo Tours

Some photos of lizards and geckos found while out on Krabi field trips with the day and night tours.

One thing we’re guaranteed to find is lizards and geckos sleeping, and some active in the rainforest on the field trips. There are many to see and they are prey for many animals in the forest like snakes, hog badgers, owls,

A sleeping forest crested lizard.
A sleeping forest-crested lizard found on a night field trip. Come and find them with us. We got other photos, of course!
A Cyrtodactylus pulchellus gecko, the bent-toed gecko found in Krabi.
Bent-toed Gecko (C. pulchellus). ©
Kuhl's gliding gecko found on a nature walk at night in Krabi, Thailand.
Kuhl’s Gliding gecko. ¬©
Kuhl's gliding gecko from southern Thailand.
A gliding gecko found on a night tour. Come with us and see what you can find (we help!).
A green phase Calotes emma lizard in green phase located in Krabi, Thailand and found during a night nature field trip.
Calotes emma, green phase we think. Or Phuketensis? ©

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