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Krabi Photography and Camera Stores & Repair in 2024

Krabi is a province in southern Thailand that doesn’t have any large mall or specialty stores like Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Hasselblad, etc. There are a couple of stores where you can buy photography items you need in an emergency. We’ll list them here – and tell you about a place you can have your lenses fixed or cleaned.

Krabi Photography Stores

BIG CAMERA – in Tesco (Lotus’s) on the way to the Krabi International Airport (KBV). They have Canon, Panasonic Lumix, Sony, GoPro video cameras and accessories, Drones, Gimbals, Instant Photography cameras and film. They have lenses by Canon and Tamron. They carry some batteries, flashes, camera bags, tripods, and other gear.

Website: Keep in mind, they don’t have as much in the stores as they have online. Call first – have a Thai call – to see if they have what you need.

Open Hours: 10 am. to 10 pm. daily. Phone: 075810192

KODAK PASSPORT PHOTOS – In Krabi Town down across from Bistro Monaco’s restaurant is a small Kodak shop where they shoot passport photos for you. It’s not expensive.

Other Nearby Photography Stores

BIG CAMERA in SURAT THANI – At Central World Mall there is a bigger Big Camera store on the second floor.

Open Hours: 8:30 am. to 7 pm. daily. Phone: 0632027160


If you really need photography gear, you can buy it in Bangkok at one of the huge electronics floors in the malls. There are more photography stores in Phuket if you want to try somewhere closer to Krabi.

Be cautious about buying used photography gear in Thailand. The air is humid, and people in general don’t take care of their equipment. A gross generalization, I know, but this has been our experience.

Fixing Lenses and Cameras (Repair)

Cameras of all kinds can be fixed in Bangkok in most cases. There are offices for the major camera manufacturers there like Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Nikon. You will have to mail or drop off your camera or lens and they will mail it back to you. Often times things get lost in the mail or you are not satisfied with the price or quality of the repair and it will be a big issue to have it done the right way.

You are probably better off to wait until you’re back in your home country to fix your electronic gear.

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