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All Islands in Krabi Province in 2024

Here’s a list of all the islands in the province of Krabi and a short description of each to help you as you plan your vacation visit to this amazing Thailand destination!

  1. Ko Phi Phi – Ko Phi Phi Leh and Ko Phi Phi Don are the two main isalnds, with Bamboo Island being the third one just north of Phi Phi Don. These are incredibly picturesque islands between the Krabi mainland and Phuket Island.
  2. Ko Lanta – Located about 42 km (26 miles) from Krabi Town over water and about 90 km (54 miles) over land, this group of islands is known for its laid back atmosphere and incredible selection of restaurants and bars. This was a very popular area before Covid 19 and will likely return to its former status soon! Here are 25 things to do in Ko Lanta!
  3. Ko Sriboya – A small island located north of Ko Pu and South of Krabi Town. This virtually deserted island has a few bungalows and places to eat but is largely uninhabited and filled with jungle.
  4. Ko Pu – A small island located just south of Ko Sriboya Island and north of Ko Jum Island, all south of Krabi Town and north of Ko Lanta..
  5. Ko Jum – A still virtually unknown Krabi island with some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole south of Thailand! We were lucky enough to stay there a couple of nights before the pandemic and the villas on the beach are stunning. At Koh Jum Beach Villas the usual rate is around 13,000 THB per night for a small villa. They have 1 bedroom villas for a couple and larger villas for an entire family with 5 bedrooms. Let us know if you’re interested in booking.
  6. Ko Ngai – A small island about 4 km (2.5 miles) long just south of Ko Lanta and in a small group of islands in Trang province. The water is very clear and perfect for diving. They have white-sand beaches and jungle all over the island with many species of birds.
  7. Ko Yao Noi – Just norht of Ko Yao Yai and directly west of Tub Kaak Beach on the Krabi mainland. It is small at only 12 km (7.5 mi.) long, and 6.5 km (4 mi.) at its widest, this small island is not very developed and will remind you of Koh Phi Phi type atmosphere decades ago. There are some very nice villas and bungalows to rent here.
  8. Ko Yao Yai – About 27 km (17 mi.) long and 5.5 km (3.3 mi.) at its widest, this is a long thin island located just east of the island of Phuket and just west of Railay Beach, Krabi.
  9. Hong Island – A beautiful spot with limestone cliffs, viewpoint, and lagoon. This is an excellent day trip from Krabi mainland or Ko Yao for snorkeling in crystal clear water. Located west of Tub Kaak Beach, Krabi and east of Ko Yao Noi.
  10. Ko Lao Lading – A very small island north of Hong Island that used to be OK, but some are saying they have sewage disposal issues and no working restrooms at the moment. Visitors recommend Hong Island with food and restrooms instead.
  11. Bamboo Island – Also known as Ko Mai Phai, this is a small island just north of Ko Phi Phi Don Island where you can take short trips from Phi Phi to here and enjoy a day of relaxation.
  12. Poda Island – A small island about 1 km long (.6 mi.) and 670 meters wide, just 5 km (3 mi.) southwest of Railay Beach West. There are beaches along the northeast coast and one secret beach in the southwest corner. This one is part of the Krabi 4 Islands Tour.
  13. Chicken Head Island (Koh Kai) – Found just south of Poda Island, Chicken Head Island looks like a chicken neck and head rising out of the water. It’s a limestone karst formation. The entire island is small and very similar in size to Poda Island at just 1 km long and about 700 meters wide. This is a short trip from Railay Beach to visit the beach at this deserted island for the day. This is on the 4 Islands Tour.
  14. Gai Island (Koh Haa) – This is a very small island found in Thalen, just north of Ngorn Nak Nature Trail (Dragon’s Crest) in Tub Kaak. It’s 190 m long (620 ft.) and an excellent dive spot with clear water, deep caverns, and vibrant living coral reefs. This one is also part of the 4 Islands Tour.
  15. Mor Island (Koh Mawr) & Ko Thap Island – Between Poda and Chicken Island is tiny 100 meter long Mor Island, along with a smaller island on the east side connected by a bridge of sand (Thale Waek) during some low tides. This is a nice place for a photo if you’re in the area. The longtail boat you’re on may suggest it if it’s low tide.
  16. Daeng Island (Koh Daeng) – Found east of Ko Sriboya Island and around the Khlong Thom area of Krabi, this tiny island doesn’t seem to have anything to do. There may be some small business here.
  17. Pak Bia Island (Koh Pakbia) – Just north of Ko Lao Lading beach and east of Ko Yao Noi is this group of 2 islands. One is roughly 200 meters long, and the other about 300 meters long. They seem to both have the same name. There are 2 beach areas here that are large and quite nice. A good place for a stopover.
  18. Bida Nok Island (Koh Bida Nok) – One of 2 small islands south of Ko Phi Phi Leh that are beautiful to take photos of as you ride in a longtail boat around them.
  19. Bida Nai Island (Koh Bida Nai) – One of 2 small islands like the one above.

Note: This list includes both inhabited and uninhabited islands.

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