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Best Water Activities in Ao Nang, Krabi in 2024

Many people love to do activities in the water while vacationing in Krabi. But, what can you really do here? Krabi limits what can be done for safety issues and noise issues. Living here, we LOVE THIS, but you may be surprised what you can and cannot do in the oceans around Krabi.

Can I Jetski in Ao Nang Krabi?

No, nobody can jet ski in the waters around Krabi – including Ao Nang Beach, Thalen Bay, and Noppharat Thara Beach. There are no jet skis at the beaches, and none are permitted. The noise is loud. The potential for scams is high.

The potential for bad injuries exists and really isn’t worth all the downside. Jet skiing in Krabi has never been allowed as far as we’ve been here (nearly 20 yrs). No jet skis are allowed near the Ko Phi Phi Islands either.

In 2015 a Chinese tourist took a jet ski around Phi Phi beach that came off a big boat he rented from Phuket. He crashed into the rented yacht and later died of his injuries. Every year in Phuket and Pattaya there are numerous crashes, and some are very serious.

Can I Paddleboard around Ao Nang Beach?

Yes, you can paddleboard around the beaches of Krabi. Some places have paddleboards for rent. Centara Grand Resort near Railay Beach has paddleboards for rent and so do some resorts in Railay Beach. Paddleboards are safe when the water is flat, so you can enjoy them in the beaches around Krabi. Basically, anything without a motor is fine!

Can I Surf or Bodyboard at Ao Nang Beach or the Nearby Beaches?

Yes, you can surf and ride waves at the beaches in Krabi. The waves are not usually big in Krabi, but occasionally you can do a little bit of surfing or bodyboarding the shore break in Ao Nang. The start and end of the rainy season is the best time to try it. You will have trouble finding a place to rent boards so bring your own!

Can I Parasail at Ao Nang Beach and Other Krabi Beaches?

No, you cannot parasail around the beaches or islands of Krabi. There is no parasailing permitted in Ao Nang or near any of the mainland beaches. You also cannot parasail around the Ko Phi Phi Islands, which is part of a national park.

Can I Kayak Around Ao Nang, Noppharat Thara Beach, Ko Lanta, and Ko Phi Phi?

Yes, you can Kayak around the beaches of Krabi! There are resorts that will rent out sea kayaks for you (1 or 2 person) and you can Kayak around the beaches without an engine.

Can I Snorkel in the Water Around Krabi?

Yes, usually you can feel free to snorkel at the beaches or islands around Krabi. You should be aware of the dangerous tides, jellyfish, and other problems like sea anemones in rocks that can puncture your feet.

The good news is, sharks are not a problem in Krabi! Or even in Thailand in general.

Can I Water Ski in the Waters of Krabi?

No, you cannot water ski in the ocean around Krabi mainland or islands. Water activities using motorized boats or other contraptions are not permitted in Krabi.

Can I Drive a Speedboat Around Krabi?

In some areas operating a speedboat is allowed, and in other areas, you will need a permit. There are a number of national parks that cover parts of the ocean surrounding Krabi and islands off Krabi where you may need a special permit to operate. That said, a number of companies and resorts operate speedboats to Phi Phi and other Krabi islands daily, so it is possible. Check with the law to make sure!

Fishing in Krabi – Is It Allowed?

Yes, you can fish the oceans from shore or a boat in Krabi and you don’t even need any permit or license. You cannot fish in national park areas, so you’ll need to be very aware of where those boundaries are. You can also fish in freshwater in Krabi without a problem, but most lakes are private and require a fee to be paid.

What Can I Do in Marine Areas Covered by National Parks?

Not very much, except use approved boats to sightsee or travel between islands.

One significant national park in Krabi is Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, which covers a vast area including islands, coral reefs, and vast marine ecosystems. The park’s marine portion includes portions of the Andaman Sea, which features pristine waters, diverse marine life, and vibrant coral reefs.

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