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4 Nice Krabi Public Swimming Pools in 2024

There are a few Krabi public swimming pools that anyone can go to, pay a small fee, and swim for a couple of hours. Today it’s going to be near 40°C and our daughter will either want to go swimming at the local pool or go to the park.

I always try to persuade her to visit one of the pools instead because it’s just much too hot out from January to May to be running around a hot playground.

Krabi Town Public Swimming Pools

Krabi Sports Complex Pool

This is the biggest pool and probably (hopefully) the one where the water chemistry is taken care of the best. In years past there were teams of top-level triathletes who used to rent a hotel (Tawantai Mansion) over by Wat Tham Seua Temple, and they’d swim here for a couple of months.

So, though I’ve never been to this pool – I know the water must be fine for swimming.

Pool Location: Between Talad Gaow intersection (where Highway 4 meets Uttaradit Road) and the intersection for the turn-off to Wat Tham Seua. The Krabi Sports School is on the left side, set back from the road some. There is a football (soccer) stadium and this large swimming pool building.

Krabi swimming pool at apartment complex in Ao Nang Beach.
Krabi swimming pools are not usually this empty – but, you might get lucky!

PoolSiri Housing Complex Pool

This is a small pool that is big enough for about ten people before it gets crowded. It is maybe 15 meters long and 10 meters wide. The depth goes from about 3 feet to 5.5 feet deep. It is open from about 9 am. to 7 pm., or whenever the manager decides to close.

There are sometimes swimming lessons going on – where they swim across the pool sideways, so if you’re planning on swimming laps, this isn’t the best place.

The water quality is questionable, I have been there a few times where it felt like the water hadn’t been treated in a few days and we actually left a couple of times due to the feeling that the chemistry was out of whack.

The tiles on the pool deck are slippery as ice – and I’ve seen a number of people fall there, and even saw a woman cut her toe pretty bad on the plastic covers that surround the pool’s filter system. The fee is 30-40 THB. They sometimes have food – fried rice or something simple.

Pool Location: From Krabi Town traveling up Maharat Road, go past the Eagle and Elephant traffic lights and make a U-Turn at the next opportunity. The PoolSiri complex is on the left side. The pool is the first building on the left as you enter.

Sinthaweesap Housing Pool

This is a pretty big pool, maybe 25 meters long, and 15 meters wide but with a 2-meter kids section that takes some off the length of the pool. The kids’ section is about 1 meter deep (3 feet). The adult portion of the pool is about 130 cm. to 160 cm. deep.

There are swimming classes at this pool from 3 pm. to 5 pm. and depending on how big the group of kids is, they may not let anyone else swim during these hours.

Better to avoid it because you never know if you can or cannot swim. On the weekends it is open for anyone to swim. The water has always felt and smelled clean at this pool. Again, like at PoolSiri pool, there are VERY slippery tiles around the side of the pool. Be careful!

The entire pool area is covered, so the direct sun does not hit during the hottest times of the day. In the evening there is some sun coming through the side. There is simple food made to order here, and there is a fairly good selection of juices. The fee for swimming is just 40 THB.

Pool Location: From Krabi Town, take “Krabi Road” also known as Vatchara Road, toward Makro go past the “Shell” Gas Station, continue up a slight hill, and then 300 meters down the other side of the hill make a U-Turn. Go 200 meters and the entrance to this housing complex is on your left just before the large Krabi Provincial Electricity Authority. Go down the road, salute the guard at the entrance, continue the whole way up the hill and the pool is on your left.

Somporn Hill Swimming Pool

Somporn Hill is located on a crossroad between Maharat Road and Krabi Road, near Highway 4. There is no name of the road in Google Maps any longer. I think it’s something like Waichat Road. Anyway, you can find the listing for the Somporn Hill Swimming Pool in Google Maps.

Your Help Needed – If you happen to know of any more public pools where anyone can visit for a swim during hot days, do let us know with an email HERE, or comments below. Thank you!

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