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Krabi Attractions – Ice Fishing

ATTENTION – I am not sure the KRABI ICE FISHING is even there anymore. There is no sign.

Krabi Things to Do Review:

Krabi Ice Fishing!

(***** 5 Star Review)


As you are traveling on Highway 4 from Phangna toward Trang you will be coming down a slight hill as you are coming up on Krabi town. Make a left turn onto “Huay NamDang” Road across from the Esso Station in Krabi town. (see photo 1 of sign). You’ll go approximately 1.2 km along that road and another sign for the Ice Fishing will be on your right side – (see photo 2). Go down the dirt road and you’ll run right into it in 100 meters.

What do you DO at Krabi Ice Fishing?

You FISH of course! There is a small lake surrounded by jungle that has floating huts on it where you can sit and fish. There is one pagoda in the middle of the lake (see photo) and there are huts around the side of the lake that you can sit at a table and eat if you don’t like the idea of eating on the floor of the floating hut.


I haven’t eaten there but I’m sure it has good Thai food because there are many Thai people eating there with family, friends or lovers especially on the weekends. See the photo of the price list – and interpretation into English. Occasionally someone will bring a guitar and they’ll be getting drunk and loud over some whiskey but usually during the weekdays it is quiet enough to sleep or whatever you have in mind (no s-*-x).

Apparently if you catch a fish in the lake and want to keep it to eat it later you can pay according to the chart that I took a photo of at the bottom of this review. Prices range from 50 to 150 baht per kilogram in weight of the fish. If you want them to cook it they can cook it for you at 40 baht per half kilogram. Kind of expensive I think. Catfish is the least expensive at 50 baht per kilogram to keep.

What about the ICE fishing?

Oh, that? The owner named the place after his child whose name is “Ice”. Go figure! I was stumped too – and the funny name of the place is what made me stop by there a couple months back to find out what it’s all about. The owner told me that I could have ice in my beer if I wanted… so – that’s it – not real ice fishing. Hope you’re not too disappointed.

This is a really cool and relaxing place to come and eat and sleep if you want, or try fishing for something. I’ve not seen anyone catch a fish bigger than about 4 inches here – but there might be some freshwater catfish in there. This reminds me of a place in Ubon Ratchathani called Had Ku Dua over off the perimeter road in behind the great seafood restaurant in tents. (Find Benjamaha high school and go toward perimeter road. Make a left. It’s on your right.) If you follow the dirt road on the right back past the restaurant you’ll find a group of floating huts on the water that is staffed by a girl of about 13 now. Her family makes food or brings beer for you. You can eat, sleep, fish or have s*x in the closed huts that are floating on the water. I think 3 hours was 150 baht and then food and fishing gear might be extra. I can’t remember!

***** 5 Stars Krabi Things to Do Review (out of 5). This is a nice change of pace from the tourists and noise.

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