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Krabi Cautions to Be Aware Of in 2024

Some Things to be Cautious About in Krabi

  • Bears in Krabi
  • What Dangerous Animals are in Krabi?
  • Driving in Krabi
  • Dogs in Thailand are different from your country.
  • Monkeys! On our Tiger Cave Temple page we have a lot of tips about Monkeys. Do read it before you go. There are also monkeys on Ao Nang Beach at the Monkey Trail and some of the islands you can visit on tour. Monkeys are not always safe to be around. Read the tips.
  • Mosquito Diseases: Chikungunya | Dengue Fever | Malaria
  • Snakes – you’re not likely to see them, but it happens. Here are some things you should know about snakes in and around Krabi (all of Thailand).
  • Jellyfish, even box jellyfish can be in the waters of Krabi and elsewhere. Some people have died from them. Be aware and never swim near them!
  • Pedestrian Walkways – there are numerous painted walkways all over Krabi Town that were meant to keep pedestrians safe. However, Thais are not used to seeing these walkways and they drive right through them with little concern about anyone walking in them. Do be VERY careful and don’t assume you are safe in a walkway!
  • Scams – be aware of what is going on.
  • ViolenceKrabi Stabbings, Krabi Murder

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