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Krabi Meditation Info for 2024

[Page updated 4 March 2024]

1 on 1 Meditation Session

Krabi now has a meditation teacher offering online or in-person meditation coaching sessions that last a couple of hours and that can put you on the right track.

The problem with meditation is that there is too much information out there and it is diluting the techniques that work. Religion interferes. Tradition interferes. People listen to friends or have social hours instead of sitting to meditate. Get clear on your goals and book a session with a teacher who can put you back on target.

Where To Meditate in Krabi?

Krabi province is full of Buddhist temples, and yet you don’t often see any monks or nuns meditating. Why not? I don’t know the answer, but I have been to Wat Tham Seua over 1,500 times (to climb the stairs) and I have seen only about ten monks or magi (nuns) meditating there in the last 16 years.

I think monks and nuns tend to meditate in the meditation halls or in groups somewhere else. I have been to temples all over Thailand and, the same thing. I’ve seen very few monks meditating.

The best place to meditate is somewhere quiet. That’s the problem. Thailand is rather loud. Only a couple of times in my home have I had complete silence where I could meditate at night. There are concerts blaring through speakers, dogs barking, and neighbors talking loudly.

If you live in Krabi and you are interested in joining a small group to meditate at the top of the Wat Tum Sua temple once or twice per week, let me know at the Contact Us link above. We may or may not have one running at the time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Here is our Top 10 Krabi Buddhist Temples info page that may help.

Places to Meditate in the Krabi Area: Town, Ao Nang, Koh Lanta

I’ve found a number of places to meditate in Krabi town and other places. I’ll share them below. If you have another location you’d like to share, please do. Contact me at the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

Meditation Locations:

1. Top of Mountain, Wat Tham Seua Temple (Tiger Cave Temple) – Krabi Noi, outside Krabi Town. See photo at top of page.

I know, climbing 1,256 steps (they added some, it’s no longer 1,237) is a bit of penance to pay for being able to meditate, but you’ll be getting fit if you do it daily. You can also do stair-climbing meditation, and focus on each step as it comes into your view while climbing up. This is a good way to calm the mind before you sit to meditate at the top of the mountain.

Wat Tham Seua, Tiger Cave Temple, is a good place to meditate at the top of the mountain if not too many people. Low season and rainy days are especially good. Or, anytime after 7 p.m. is usually good – bring a flashlight.

Where to sit at the top of the hill?

Location 1 – When you come up to the top you can go straight ahead and bear to the left. It looks like the area is under construction. It isn’t, you can go over there and sit. Sometimes people come over to see what is there, and that might bother you. It’s a great place sometimes, other times, too many people.

Location 2 – Take off your shoes. Climb the stairs. Turn right. Climb those stairs, walk past the big gold Buddha to the end of the platform, climb those stairs, go up and sit under the shrine where Shiva, Ganesh, and Buddha are. That can also be good when there are few people.

Location 3 – Instead of taking off your shoes at the bottom of those steps like everyone else, keep them on and walk down about 10 steps and go out past the pulley system. Make a right. There is a flat area there where monks are sometimes sitting, but if not you can sit there and meditate.

Location 4 – There are a couple of other places I can show you, but impossible to describe. They are generally much better because they are quieter.

2. Top of Mountain, Ngorn Nak Nature Trail in Tab Kak – Ko Mu National Park, Tub Kaak, past Ao Nang, in Krabi province.

Top of Ngorn Nak mountain in Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand. This is a good meditation spot.
Almost at the top of Ngorn Nak mountain, you could meditate anywhere here on the rocks, or go on up to the top and find some flat ground there as well.

This one is spectacular, not only for the walk up the mountain path to the top with numerous viewpoints, but you could meditate at any of the rest locations. There are more mosquitos under the tree canopy though, and meditating at the top in the open air, on rocks, with fewer bugs is more ideal.

The path is 3.7 kilometers (2.3 miles) long. It’s a 500-meter high (1,640 feet) elevation climb. It’s absolutely amazing, I’ve done it hundreds of times. You should do it if you have the energy. You could meditate there once a week if you made a habit of it.

Location 1 – You can meditate at the very top on the highest rock.

Location 2 – From the highest point, walk down the rocks and find the spot where you can sit on a ledge that overhangs a couple of hundred meter drop. There are a number of nice flat rocks that offer great places to sit. This is my favorite place to meditate in Krabi.

Location 3 – at the first rest area at the top of a steep climb about 2 km into your hike are some benches. You could sit there.

3. Wat Tum Sang Pet, Diamond Cave Temple. Krabi Noi, near Krabi Town.

Wat Tum Sang Pet meditation temple in Krabi, Thailand.
This is what you’ll see from the road to Huay Toh if you find the correct left side turn leading to this temple. There may not be a sign at all, but if you see this – you found it!

This is a hard-to-find little temple that is outside Krabi town, on the way to Huay Toh waterfall. It is about 6 kilometers in off Highway 4. It is on your left side. It is hidden, without a big sign. There are bushes all around and then the road is between them and slopes down toward the temple at the base of a large limestone mountain.

The way you know you’re close is because it is the first major limestone mountain close to the left side of the road. Here is the link to our page for it with directions – map – Wat Tum Sang Pet.

Location 1 – Meditation hut on the side of hill. (see pic below) I meditated here a couple of times. As you walk into the temple from the parking lot, go left. There is a concrete path to follow. Walk about 50 meters down the path past the small gate that may or may not still be there.

On your right, you will see a wooden structure that is built up onto the limestone hill. That’s it. Climb up the steps and see if anyone is already sitting in it.

A foreigner from Denmark or Norway or somewhere built that for himself to meditate in. I heard the story from the abbot of the temple. It’s a great little meditation spot, but you may feel weird just climbing up and using it. If there are monks or nuns nearby, just ask if you can do it. They won’t speak English, but at least you’ll feel better, having asked.

Photos of location:

Interior of Meditation platform at Wat Tum Sang Pet temple in Krabi, Thailand
Here is the interior of the meditation platform. It is pretty well shielded from rain and sun. It is warm, especially in the morning when the sun will be hitting it like shown.
Meditation Hut on Hill Side
Exterior shot of meditation platform on side of limestone hill at Wat Tum Sang Pet, Krabi Noi, Krabi province, Thailand.

4. Koh Lanta?

I have heard there is a program down there, but I haven’t heard anything about it – good or bad. Can anyone give me their review of the place?

Cave Meditation in Krabi?

There are many stories in Buddhist literature mentioning monks living in caves for weeks, months, and even years and decades at a time. Cave meditation seems to be a right of passage of sorts for Buddhist monks. I have tried to meditate in caves. I cannot.

Caves are silent, yes. They are dirty. They are usually extremely hot. The air is stale and maybe doesn’t even have much oxygen. The caves smell. There are centipedes running around the cave floors. There are bats dropping guano on your head. There are some cave spiders.

There are snakes that love the cool caves – cobras, king cobras, kraits, vipers, rat snakes. There are other wild animals like bears, birds, and other things that love caves. If you really want to try, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

3 Main Problems with Meditation in Thailand

  • Bugs. Use bug spray, and sit under a mosquito net if possible. Mosquito nets cut the wind though, and make it hotter.
  • Heat. It is 90F (32C) and hotter most days in Krabi. Then the humidity is very high May through November.
  • Noise. It is always hard to find a quiet spot. Caves are very quiet but have their own problems.

Here is our main Meditation website – – Come have a look!

Here again, is the page for a meditation coaching session that can change your life (online or in-person).

So, that’s it! If you know of any more places that are conducive to meditation in Krabi Town, Ao Nang, or somewhere in the province, do let me know and maybe I’ll add your spots to this meditation information sheet. Namaste!

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