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Free Krabi Jungle Trekking Guide 2024 – Dragon’s Crest

Free Guide – Dragon Crest (Ngorn Nak) Mountain (PDF)

Here is our FREE Krabi Jungle Trekking Quick Guide to help you tour one of Krabi’s amazing hiking trails through the natural rainforest on your own – or with a guide if you choose.
Get this helpful Krabi Hiking Guide Now for Free:

  • 34 Pages of very helpful, crucial information for this Trek!
  • 30 High-Quality Images of the Actual Hike!
  • 9 Essentials to Ensure Your Trip is Delightful!
  • 7 Cautions You Need to Know! (Snakes? Bees? Water? Getting lost?)

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Krabi jungle trekking guide - free download

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This guide prepares you for everything you need to know to go to this nature trail yourself and climb by yourself. No guide is really necessary.


If you would like a One-Of-A-Kind experience – we offer nighttime wildlife tours of another area at the base of a mountain with primary forest. See many species of frogs, lizards, geckos, and sometimes if we’re lucky – slow lorises and snakes too! This is a safe activity, for people over 12 years old. Click below for info.

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