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Huay Toh Waterfall Guide for 2024

Huay Toh (Huai To) Waterfall in Krabi Province, Thailand

[Page Updated: 15 January 2024]

Just to the northeast of Krabi town is Huay Toh National Park and waterfall which is a nice 1/2 day trip. Rent a motorbike from Chao Fa Road in Krabi town or in Ao Nang and take a road trip to the waterfall.

Huay Toh waterfall at the national park not far from Krabi Town.
About 25 km from Krabi Town, an easy drive. ©

Since Huay Toh is a Thailand national park they’ll charge you 200 baht which is about $6 USD at the present exchange rate. I think it’s worth it – however, the Thai people don’t get charged at all – unless they are with you. Funny, right?

Thai people walk through without paying all day – for some reason, at the national parks in Surat Thani and Krabi, I’ve noticed that sad fact.  It’s rumored that the national parks fee will be raised to 400 baht per person (foreigner) soon. Let’s hope not!

So, there is a short walk up to the Huay (Huai) Toh (To) waterfall and it’s a large path generally, nothing treacherous. It’s an easy hike and I think nearly anyone can handle it. Bring water anyway as it’s always very humid. 

The falls are nice, these pictures were taken during the rainy season so there is a good amount of water at the falls. During December through May, there might not be much (any?) water at the falls.

The Huay Toh waterfall is a great place for kids they’ll have a blast exploring the levels of the waterfall.

Directions to Huay Toh Waterfall: From Krabi town – the police box or stand by the river, go upstream away from town and toward the mountains. Pass the hospital on your left.

Then pass the Buddhist temple on your left. At the traffic light make a right turn. On your left within 1km, possibly 1.5 km is a blue sign with a white waterfall image that says Huai Toh or Huay To or Huai To waterfall. Make that left-hand turn and go the WHOLE way up the road – 16-18 km until you see the sign on the right for Huay Toh Waterfall.

At the end of the road is the entrance to the national park. Pull in, park, and then pay your fee at the guard house.

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