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Explore Krabi with Mountain Biking Tours in 2024

We have a number of Krabi mountain biking tours you can choose from. Trips run either half-day or full-day and are supported by a truck and driver and sometimes a guide or two depending on the tour length and destination.

We don’t actually do them, but we have a friend who has a full truck of bikes, helmets, and other gear. They do their own maintenance and they have been doing this for years in Krabi

Our mountain bike tours are geared toward those who already have some level of fitness and who are competent at riding mountain bicycles over paved and dirt roads. Sorry, we don’t accept children under 13 years of age for these bike tours.

Equipment includes: Trek or Gary Fisher mountain bikes; helmets; water bottles for cages; clipless pedals if you prefer, or regular peddles with plastic cage – or no cage at all – up to you. Note – we do not provide biking gloves.

If you are taking one of the longer rides, though we do have front shocks on the mountain bikes, you still probably want some gloves. Other things to bring: sunglasses and sunblock (50+ SPF).

Biking Tour Trips:

1/2 Day Waterfall Tour – 30km to the waterfall a swim and exploration of the grounds of this national park, and another 30km back if you choose. Most people just take the truck back.

1/2 Day Bike to Kayak Tour  – 30km to Kayaking at a fresh spring in the jungle, and swimming in the ultra-clean spring water pools. Includes 2 Bonus Sites: Deep Freshwater Lake and Limestone cave exploration.

Sra Morakot Pool – Full Day. This is a long bike trip, with a one-way of 60km and a return trip if you’re interested (costs a little more) and you’re on your own, you’ll meet us in Krabi Town. This is definitely one of the nicest sites to see in Krabi, and you’ll want to have your camera fully charged and memory sticks empty.

Long Distance Waterfall Trip – 2 Full Days. An absolutely amazing waterfall in a province next to Krabi. 114 km trip the first day (with some hills) an overnight at bungalows near the waterfall and a truck ride back to Krabi.

Trang 4 Island Tour – Full Day 10-12 hours. Trang is a province just south of Koh Lanta, and it’s every bit as stunning as Krabi, Phang Nga, or maybe more so. We love this 4 island tour which includes snorkeling, and seeing bats on remote islands.

Khao Sok Wildlife Sanctuary Bike Tour – 2 Full Days. 170 km (100 miles) bike trip to one of the most pristine National Parks Thailand offers. Many types of wildlife can be found. 1st day includes a bike trip starting at 8 am and finishing around 5 pm. 2nd day includes touring the park. Night trip back to Krabi.

We’ll be adding other mountain biking tours as we figure out more about what tourists like to do when visiting Thailand. Krabi has a lot of different things to see, and activities to do – but we don’t have them all listed. For instance, we’d like to do some more overnight long-distance trips to other provinces, but we’d need to know if there’s any interest in such a thing before we set it up.

If you have a custom trip idea you’d like to see if we can help with – CONTACT US HERE.

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