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Krabi’s Most Fun Fitness Activities in 2024

Thailand fitness challenges are a rather rare idea. It’s hard to believe that there aren’t entire companies built around this topic – but we found almost nobody doing this in southeast Asia.

Being that we are so focused on physical fitness – we wanted to offer a place for the really adventurous fitness addicts could come to put themselves through some tests… some challenges. Below you’ll find some activities that are a challenge, and some that are maybe impossible for you. Start training now – and when you arrive, you might be able to complete them.

Fitness Challenges in Krabi:

  • Climb 240 meter High Mountain On a Bike – Just over 2 kilometers high – this is rather difficult.
  • Climb 270 meters Mountain On Your Feet – a nice easy walk up the mountain – will take almost an hour to get to top. Quicker getting down.
  • Climb Mountain Trail 500 meters Up – through the forest on trails. A FUN hike! Takes around 4 hours round-trip (hiking).
  • Climb 1.256 Steps Up Mountain – it sounds like a lot. It is… but, most people can complete this within 40 minutes (to the top). At the top is a stunning view of the Krabi town, and ocean area. You can even see Koh Phi Phi. Sunset is worth the climb, believe me!
  • Vertical Mile Step Climb – not for the weak. Six times up the steps of the mountain, back to back. Don’t bring your backpack!
  • Climb 3 Mountains in 3 Hours – we are still waiting for someone to choose this challenge. No takers yet. Are you going to be the first? It’s difficult… probably a bit nuts. I think it’s possible. But the important thing is – do you?

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