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Krabi Camping – Night in the Jungle in 2024! (Safe but Scary?)

[Page Updated: 2 October 2023]

Krabi Nature is excited to be able to offer you something that nobody else can – Camping in the jungle at night! The Camping we talk about is located in Krabi province and is an adventure you should try for your bucket list. Is it scary? Some people think so! Is it safe? It’s quite safe, we haven’t lost anyone yet. Not yet anyway! Joking, joking, it’s quite safe and a great experience for anyone who wants to try.

We have 4 areas we can camp overnight in the rainforest in Krabi. One of them is a long hike that requires a camp overnight as you climb to the top of the highest mountain peak in Krabi nearly 1,397 meters high (4,583 ft. elevation). If you’re interested in that trek, it’s #1 below.

Camping Trip #1 – Top of Krabi

Long Mountain Climb Hike and Overnight Camp at the Top of the Highest Peak in Krabi Province

This is our longest hike and requires a camp at the top until the next morning to finish the climb to the top peak of 1,397 meters high. Thai guides accompany you to the top and carry some of the necessary gear like tents and water.

This is a difficult hike that only fit people should try. There is a lot of climbing and the ground is hard, often time it is rocks. The top of the mountain is cold, so you’ll need to bring pants and long sleeve shirts or jackets. You should bring food and water too.

The hike up to the campground takes about 7 hours. You leave in the morning and arrive in afternoon depending on the speed of your group. You camp out at the 2nd peak and climb to the top peak in the morning.

Are you ADVENTUROUS? Are you FIT? Try it! It’s an unforgettable hike to top of Khao Phanom Mountain!

Camping Trip #2 – Dragon’s Peak

3.7 km Hike Up a Mountain and Overnight at the Top

Hang Nak Mountain Trail in Tub Kaak Krabi.
Viewpoint from one of the camping areas on our Dragon’s Peak camping trip. ©

There are two places we can camp at this mountain top, one of which is right at the top, and the other is down a path a couple of hundred yards near a small waterfall where we cannot see the stars and the forest is pitch black.

You can choose either one but we like the top campsite where we can see the stars and feel more of a breeze at night.

The views are spectacular from this mountain, you can see Thalen Bay and Ao Nang, and on clear days even Koh Phi Phi. Most people can do this hike, it is difficult but even 10-year-old kids can make it.

There are steep climbs that take the wind out of you, so if you’re fit, it will be more fun. The group leaves about 3 p.m. and hikes for 2 hours to the top. You can eat, and take night photos of the stars. In the morning, sunrise is especially nice and great for photos.

Camping Trip #3 – Owl Hill

Close to Krabi Town Overnight at Mountain Top (Hike Up or Drive)

A common Bay Owl at Owl Hill in Krabi province during one of our camping trips.
Oriental Bay Owls are common on Owl Hill Krabi camping trips! ©

This camping trip requires either a hike up a remote Krabi road to the top (3.7 km) or we can drive to the top and drop you off. Up to you. The walk up the hill is on a little-used road and we always find wildlife on the way up. Owls, slow lorises, frogs, lizards, and insects are always found and it’s great for photos.

The one depends on weather, time of year, monkeys, people, and recent experiences. This one doesn’t always go.

Camping Trip #4 – The Captain’s Hill

A Short Climb to a Viewpoint and Camping at the Top

Camping site and wilderness bungalows along the Khao Phanom mountain range in Krabi.
You can camp here on the hill (a flat place) or trek into the rainforest and climb a hill to a viewpoint. Up to you!

This is one of our shorter hikes to set up camp at the top of a hill next to the massive 1,397-meter-high Khao Phanom Mountain. It is not that difficult to do and most people can accomplish it.

The bonus here is that you can eat dinner at the lakeside restaurant and leave your stuff at the office of this wilderness bungalow before we start hiking. If there is anyone in your group that would prefer not to camp out, there are bungalows to stay in and we’ll meet up with them when we get back.

The wilderness area here is safe and we always see some wildlife. We leave at night for the hike.

Krabi Camping FAQ

What about monkeys?

Monkeys can be a problem in the early morning, but during the night they don’t come down from the trees. There are a couple of spots where monkeys may be a problem but we keep an eye on the area to be sure we’re going at a good time.

Are Mosquitoes a problem while Camping in Krabi?

It depends on where you’re camping, but yes, mosquitoes can be annoying in some camping places. Keep in mind that it isn’t all the time and that they are most active during certain times of morning and evening. We avoid heavily infested areas of mosquitoes because nobody enjoys them!

What camping supplies are included for Krabi Camping trips?

We have the equipment you need for camping, but you may want to bring a pillow, hat, long-sleeved shirt and pants, socks, rain poncho or jacket, snacks, and flashlight.

Our camping trips include tents, hammocks, headlamps, rain tarps, blow-up mattresses, and sheets. If you need something else, ask, or bring it.

Is there any Free Camping in Krabi, Thailand?

Well, sort of. You could bring a tent and camp for free at Ngorn Nak Nature Trail in Tub Kaak. You’ll have to let the rangers know you’re camping overnight so they don’t come look for you when you don’t sign out on the visitor’s log.

Are there any wild animals to worry about while Camping in Krabi?

Monkeys are the animals we have encounters with sometimes, but it’s rare. There are two bear species in Thailand – the Malayan Sun Bear and the Asiatic Black Bear. We have seen one at one of our camping locations in 15 years, so they are not common. Most of the camping spots have no issue with wild animals that we’d have to worry about or think about.

Are you READY TO GO?

Email [email protected] to ask questions and book a camping adventure. Let us know which Camping experience you are interested in.