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August Krabi Weather

In August, the rain can begin to increase over the typical June and July rainfall. We always count August, September, October, and November as the real rainy season because anything can happen during these months. There could be no rain for a week, then rain for a week, then no rain for two weeks. Or there could be 3 weeks of rain in a row and one week of clear skies.

You never know! So, if rain is going to put a damper on your vacation, you’d be better off not to come during this time. Visit some other time instead.

The same as anywhere else, Krabi’s weather depends on many factors. Find out more below before you plan your trip!

Typical Rain in Krabi in August?

August usually has 10-20 days of rain. That isn’t all day rain, but it can be. Usually just a few hours it will rain, either in the morning or the evening. The rest of the day is usually good enough to go out and do something.

Always watch the schedule of rain for the days before, and you’ll be able to somewhat predict what will happen today and tomorrow!

Is Lightning a Problem in August?

Krabi rarely has lightning in August, but it can happen. If there are 10 storms in August, one of them may have some lightning. It will be nothing like the lightning in April and May though.

August Sky and Air

From July through November, the sky usually has clouds, though not always rain clouds. The clouds do cut down on the direct heat of the sun, so are most of the time welcome in Krabi.

In the month of August, it’s a great time to go on a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao NangRailay, and Phi Phi Islands.

Temperature in Krabi in August?

Temperature in August in Krabi ranges between 25-33°C (77-91°F). The mornings can be cool, especially if rain is falling. The nights can be cool enough to sleep without an air conditioner, dropping to around 26-27°C around 10 pm. at night.


Probably not necessary unless you have very sensitive skin or will be outside all day on a boat, the beach, or riding a motorbike.


The air is humid in August. The air is not so clear when looking from viewpoints. You’ll still get decent photos, but not as good as during December to April when the air is at its clearest.

Mosquitos in Krabi in August?

Yes! We have Dengue Fever in Krabi, and unfortunately, August is one of the worst months for the spread of the virus. Use mosquito repellant on your skin and clothes. Use those little patches that stick to clothing for kids. They smell like lemongrass and it keeps the mozzies away. Mostly.

What is a Usual August Like in Krabi?

Usually days in August are 70% sunny with a 30% chance of rain coming. August is still a month where you can get a lot done outside.

Remember, there are years when August is just as rainy as September and October and nobody can predict that. We wish we could!

Does Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach Flood in Heavy Rain in August?

No. Krabi has never flooded in August as far as I can remember.

Is August a Good Time to Come to Krabi?

If you don’t mind 70% okay days with nice weather and at times a few days of rain strung together, then yes, August is a good time for you to visit Krabi for your vacation.

You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventures – hiking, beaches, caveswaterfallhot spring, or whatever you want to do.