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December Krabi Weather

What is the Weather Like in December in Krabi?

If you’re considering a trip to Thailand, you might be wondering what the weather is like in Krabi during December.

Of course Krabi weather depends on many factors! None of them do we control! We know you’re planning your vacation and want to know what the weather is like here during this time, so read on below and you’ll have the latest scoop!

Rain in Krabi in December?

The last 24 months have been rainy. We didn’t seem to have a dry season last year at all. Will the same thing happen this year in Krabi? Nobody knows.

The rain has definitely slowed down the last couple of weeks toward the end of November. That’s a good sign.

The skies are at their clearest during December to March/April and today is absolutely clear as I look from my office (bedroom) window.

Clear Krabi skies out the window of our Krabi Nature working office.
There are few clouds in December and it makes for clear air and great photos! ©

December through March/April Skies are Clear

For photos of the beach, limestone karst, and all landscapes and views, the air is the cleanest from December through around April. There is little to no burning of crops around this time and the air is crystal clear on many days.

This is the ideal time-period to take a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao Nang, Railay, and Phi Phi Islands.

It’s the ideal time to take photos of the sky because when clouds do come, they are super bright white and fluffy. It’s really the most ideal time to take photos in Krabi. Photos of anything.

Temperature in Krabi in December?

In the morning it is cooler – around 24°C ( F) and that lasts until the sun gets cranking. Even then, the temperature during December in Krabi is not nearly as hot as some other months. On average the temperature during the day must be around 28°C ( F) and it’s very comfortable even for people from colder climates.


The sun is strong during this time, we’re near the equator so sunblock is advised or you’ll get a nasty burn.


The humidity drops off a lot during the cooler dryer months beginning in December. This is really the best time of year to visit because the temperature and humidity combine to make it the perfect time of the year.

High season starts around November and goes to May, but over the last few years pre-Covid we were receiving many visitors in May through October as well. There are always less than during high season though. If crowds are something you’d like to avoid, come during those months instead.

Mosquitos in Krabi in December?

Not so much! As long as it isn’t raining all the time, the mosquitos chill out and give us a break during the dry months. I have not seen more than usual mosquitos the last couple of weeks because the rain has slowed down some.

To be honest, the weather in Krabi town and beaches, indeed all over the province in December is always a bit of a mystery until it happens.

What is a Typical December Like?

USUALLY in December – we have nice weather 70% of the time – sun and bright blue skies, bright white clouds that don’t rain on us.

SOMETIMES we have extended rainy season that goes right into December, and sometimes lasts all of December. This is rare, but in 9 years it happened two times. So, there is always a chance. It happened last year!

Should You Visit Krabi in December?

If you are planning a trip to Krabi Thailand for December and you are not sure if you should come during this time – I would say, YES, book your trip. It is much more likely that you will have nice weather for most or all of your 1-2 week stay. You may have some rainy days, but you will almost surely be able to get out and do some adventures – hiking, beaches, caveswaterfall, hot spring, or whatever you want to do.