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Krabi Forest Homestay in the Wilderness in 2024

Many people come to Krabi, Thailand on their vacation to explore the forest, nature, and the wilderness of this densely-packed rainforest. Many people are looking for the Krabi forest homestay and we have our own version way out at the end of the Khao Phanom mountain range in Krabi Noi subdistrict.

What Is the Krabi Forest Homestay?

This is at a place called the Khao Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort (PBMR). They have been Krabi’s main forest homestay for more than two decades. They offer a homestay experience with remote bungalows on a hill facing a massive limestone karst formation.

This is a 20 km long mountain chain that starts near Krabi Town behind the sports stadium and goes all the way to the Khao Phanom mountain peak by the Huay Toh National Park and waterfall.

Near the end of this long Krabi forest is a homestay/bungalow resort where you can stay as long as you like.

Rooms are around 800 THB per bungalow and fit 2 people. There are some bigger bungalows that cost a little bit more but that can fit more people in them.

What makes it just like a homestay is the amazing Thai family that lives there and caters to all your needs while you’re there.

They make the most delicious foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They offer nature hikes, night time nature field trips with headlamps in the forest. They can show you slow lorises, reptiles, amphibians, and lots of different kinds of bugs like stick insects and beetles!

If you’re looking for a place to explore nature, the wilderness of the Krabi forest during day or night, this is a safe place to do it from. There is more forest here than anywhere else in Krabi province. The peak is the highest in Krabi at 1,492 meters high.

If you like, you can book challenging hikes during the daytime to climb up hills and get great photos of the rolling hills and Krabi Town far away. You can sometimes see the ocean on a clear day.

Krabi forest homestay program in bungalows near the national park.
The Krabi forest homestay program at PBMR is great for nature lovers. There is dense forest, and greenery everywhere in this natural setting.

Where Is this Krabi Forest Bungalow Resort?

From Krabi Town travel down Uttaradit Road away from town. Make a right at the end of that road at Talad Gaew intersection. Make a left at the 2nd light toward the Tiger Cave Temple.

Go about 14 km and follow the signs. Here is the GPS: 8.208381382811586, 98.93902808691946

Please note, the Krabi Forest Walkway and the Krabi Mangrove Forest have nothing to do with the Krabi Forest Homestay topic! Click those links to find out more.

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