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Krabi Bag Holding – Temporary Bag Storage

Finding a place to store your travel bags, backpacks, and other things you’ll need while traveling can be difficult no matter where you are. Sometimes a hotel will let you do it, other times, no and you’ll be stuck carrying everything you brought to everywhere you go.

Luggage Bag Storage Options in Krabi

  1. HOTEL – Ask the hotel where you’re currently staying if you can leave your bags there for a couple of hours or days, or however long you need. Some will do it for free, and others will charge per day. If you leave your bags 1 hour, they may charge 1 day fee. It’s fair enough really, and the fees are usually low enough to make it worthwhile.
  2. With TAXI – Some people feel like they can leave their belongings in a taxi or van as they go to enjoy some attraction on the way to the airport. This is a HORRIBLE IDEA and taxi drivers here in Krabi, as in most tourist destinations in Thailand, are associated with the Thai mafia. There are many cases of things being stolen out of bags while the bags are in trucks, vans, buses, boats, trains, and airports. This is the WORST OPTION available. Please don’t do it.
  3. Private Bag Holding – We are considering opening an area where you can drop off bags with your clothes and/or valuables to be locked safely until you need them. We have a place in Krabi Town that we’re considering. If you’d like this option, please let us know. We may start it any day now.

Why Would You Need to Store Luggage Bags for a Few Hours or Days?

There are many reasons a traveler might need to store some bags or items for a few days or even weeks at a time. We’ll list some below.

  1. Emergency – If you’re in an accident or have a health issue, you probably don’t want your bags at the hospital with all the people walking around who could take something as you sleep. If you’re in a communal public hospital room, there can be 20 or more patients in there with you. Many times their family is sleeping under the bed. There can be 80 people in there and there is little room and it is far from secure.
  2. Your Hotel Stay is Over – You have to check out from your hotel but you want to go to some attraction or place for a few hours before you need to be at the airport. This is the most common reason for leaving your bags somewhere.
  3. Layover – You may have come here to Krabi temporarily while waiting for a plane or bus to take you somewhere else.
  4. Extra Purchases – You bought some things and don’t want to carry them around. They are too expensive or important to leave in your hotel with the risk of theft and you need a secure place to store your stuff for a while.

At the moment, we don’t know of any place that allows luggage, backpack, and other bag storage.

Try your hotel because you will have the best chance there. People are too afraid to start a bag storage business and have people store drugs or stolen items there. It’s just not worth the risk for most Thais.