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Krabi International Hospital – Krabi Nakharin Hospital in 2024

Part of the issue with moving to Krabi, and for us – staying in Krabi, has been the lack of a decent hospital in town. Foreigners demand high standards, and personally, we’ve never felt like we had that in Krabi before this.

Krabi is going to be home to a new international hospital located just off Thanon Maharat (Maharat Road) between Krabi Road and Maharat Road just outside of downtown Krabi on Pisalpop Road. The name is to be Nakharin Hospital, not to be confused with a hospital of the same name in Nakhon Si Thammarat to the northeast of Krabi.

This new hospital is slowly taking shape. It was originally slated to be finished in June of 2011. We’re now in November, and they have another 6 months or so to go. The hospital is in the midst of construction now, and there seem to be 6 stories. It is said to be a 120-bed hospital on ten rai of land, and will be named, “Nakharin”.

Prior to this, foreigners had to drive all the way to Phuket for a hospital with international standards (and cost). Now Krabi residents can enjoy better quality care without going 2+ hours away. This will be nice in emergencies – yes?!!

Location – Pisalpop Road off Thanon Maharat, just down the hill from the ‘elephant traffic lights’.

What will this new Krabi hospital look like when it’s finished?

Nakharin Hospital Project - Krabi, Thailand.
Nakharin Hospital Project – Krabi, Thailand. Copyright 2011

In addition to this new Krabi hospital, is another clinic said to be going in at the Port Takola Marina – in Ao Nang Beach area of Krabi. This will be an effort by the “Bangkok Hospital Group” – and will also have high standards of care.

UPDATE 12/2013 – The hospital applied for a license and failed to get it. The entire complex will now be turned into luxury apartments and a high-end shopping district.

UPDATE 1/7/2014 – Driving by over the last week, the name “Nakharin Hospital” is posted on the outside of the building, and it appears to be a hospital that will open. A reader wrote a few days ago and said it will be open in early January. So, apparently, they are ready to open their doors. This will be good news for foreigners that want to move to Krabi to live, it could be part of the devastation that is to become Krabi if too many come here and it turns into another Pattaya, Patong Beach, Samui, or Phi Phi.

It looks like there will be a high-end shopping complex called “Villaggio” around the hospital.

UPDATE 5/2019 – the hospital has been fully functioning for years now. Many people have reported excellent service at Nakharin. If you have some issue that you wouldn’t trust to the Public or other private hospitals in Krabi, go to Nakharin and see if they can fix you up.

Here is a video of the interior of the Nakharin Hospital in Krabi – wow.

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19 thoughts on “Krabi International Hospital – Krabi Nakharin Hospital in 2024”

  1. I have heard that it is to be ready very soon. You know how that goes. Maybe in a couple of months?

  2. Dear Admin:

    Good day!

    Im here now in Krabi and i would like to ask the contact number of the said new international hospital located at Krabi Town.. I have important matter to be discuss with your office..

    You can reach me in my email address I’ve provided or in my number 0943410245..

    Thank you..

  3. I will stay in koh lanta from apr 18th to may 4th.
    I have vessie (UROLOGIE) problem . I actually in Switzerland have a permanent sonde inside vessie where make all time my vessie empty. But i dont want have permanently this sonde during my vacation. Would it be possible to come in your hospital for exemple every 3-4 days to doing my vessie emty with same system of purge they are doing for me in my country. And last how much will cost each passage to make my vessie empty. Thank you and best regards

  4. I would NOT go to the new international Krabi hospital for any reason. I have lived in Krabi for over 3 years.

    Sorry Mike, I edited out two sentences from your comment. I can’t risk defamation lawsuits. You have to be extremely careful what you say online or you’ll be on the wrong end of one in this country.

  5. I was there at 16. Jan.2016
    I can highly recommend that hospital. Absolutely professional, friendly, clean and the diagnosis was perfect. And that for little money. Cant be better!! They are ISO 9001 certificated. Better Service than in my Country of Switzerland.

  6. Hi
    We are looking for a dialysis centre in Krabi . What is the cost per session and the requirements?

  7. You may contact the hospital directly at (075) 606-555 ext. 1147 for the International Service Department. Any appointments can be done through this department. If you have questions regarding your insurance they can also assist you with that as well.

  8. Hai, i have kidney problem and no1q have a treament ..dialysis..can i get a price? On date 8nov

  9. Hello friends in krabi
    Was wondering if there is a dialysis center in this place. Might be going there soon need to do dialysis for 4 hours 3 times a week. How much does it cost.

    Best regards

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