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Krabi High Season is Slow Season?

Come now! Thais were hoping that this high season in Krabi would be truly – high. It wasn’t. Now we’re hoping that 2023 is far better.

There are definitely more tourists about than during slow season, but I’m calling this year’s high season quite low. This is nothing like some of the past years’ high seasons in Krabi where the roads were just packed with tourists in rental cars and on rental motorbikes.

Catching Mangrove Snakes in Krabi from a Boat
There are many things to do in Krabi… like catching mangrove snakes from a boat!

Those in Pattaya and Patong Beach have said the same – it’s just not a good high season for tourists in Thailand this year. That’s a real shame because the Thais definitely need the money!

The dollar has had explosive growth against the Thai baht this year and we’re currently around 37 thb to 1 usd. That’s nice exchange for visitors so we’re hoping to see more people from the USA this year.

I think some stay home out of fear of what is happening with the government and protests. That really shouldn’t be any concern if you are coming to Thailand. If you’re coming, just avoid Bangkok during the protests. Patong Beach, Krabi, Trang, Chiang Mai, the unspoiled northeast of Thailand – are all wonderful places to go – whether there are protests in BKK or not.

We haven’t had protests since around 2013 when the military stepped in and took over the government. Peaceful since then. At least north of Phattalung province in the deep south.

Particularly good for Krabi tourists is that this place isn’t overrun with tourists at the moment – so – GET HERE AND ENJOY IT!

Krabi must be the most underrated Thailand destination in the country at the moment. There is just as much to do and see during the daylight hours as anywhere else in the country – including Phuket. Krabi has awesome diving, Phi Phi, caves, waterfalls, shopping, and other things to do like snake walks at night if you’re up for it!

There is also some great hiking to be found in Tub Kaak, Krabi at Ngorn Nak Nature Trail. Have a look! Or, Tiger Temple, where you can climb 1,237 steps to the top of a small mountain and see for many kilometers. You can see Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Koh Jum, Khao Phanom Bencha, Hang Nak (Norn) Mountain, and many other locations.

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