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January Krabi Weather

If you are coming to Krabi, Thailand in January and you are wondering about the weather forecast for this month.

What is the Weather Like in Krabi in January?

Usually, it’s beautiful!

January begins the period of weather in which it is almost always VERY NICE, a little cool, a little breezy, and it is really the start of the best weather in the province at this time of year.

Rain Outlook

January is the first month where we really don’t have to worry about rain. If we do get some, it will be light and move on quickly. We get our weather from China and the Northeast during this time, so the rain does not come often to Krabi province.

How Is Humidity in January?

The humidity in Krabi in January is usually low, and sometimes very low. This is really one of the most enjoyable times of year because people don’t sweat as much and can enjoy being outside more than during the rainy months where the air is very humid and uncomfortable for many people.

The humidity can vary quite a bit during this month, so be prepared for hot humid days as well. This is the month, along with February, that we can have some of the most perfect cool and low-humidity days during the year. Enjoy them if you get them!

What Are the Skies Like in January?

The skies are at their most lovely during January and February in Krabi, Thailand. The sky is bright blue, ultra-clear, and the clouds are like white cotton. This is the best time of year for photographers to visit Thailand and get that great landscape photo they dreamed of.

January and February are the only months we take landscape photos during the year. During the other times, the air is humid and a bit more hazy and unclear.

Visit Thailand for a Photo Tour in January!

Are Mosquitos a Problem in January?

No! Krabi has very few mosquitos bothering people in the month of January, and for that we are grateful! There is very little rain, so there are very few mosquitos around. The one exception you may find is near rivers and streams in the early morning and evening hours.

Is Lightning a Problem?

Lighting in Krabi during January is almost never a problem. To be honest, I cannot remember even one lightning storm in January over the last twenty years. If lightning is one of your concerns, scratch it off the list for this month!

Is January a Good Time to Visit Krabi?

If you are considering booking a trip during this time to Krabi for your vacation, you will be happy with the weather because really it doesn’t get any better.

There are a lot of people in Krabi and other tourist areas during this time of year because it is high season from November to May each year, but there are plenty of things you can do that don’t have too many people doing them at the same time as you.

We have lived here in Krabi for over 9 years and we have never seen a bad January weather season! This is one of the best months to come and visit.