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What To Do When Raining in Krabi? (2024 update)

When it’s raining in Krabi, most people will sit in their rooms and eat junk food or drink themselves into oblivion. There’s plenty of time for that when nighttime rolls around, so don’t do it yet.

What Do Krabi Locals Do when it Rains?

Go to Tesco / Lotus for the most part. Krabi doesn’t have any Central World Mall like most big cities, so we’re stuck with what we have – Tesco. The Tesco complex is a 10-15 minute taxi ride from Krabi Town or a 30-minute ride from Ao Nang.

They have Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dairy Queen stand, Hot Pot Restaurant, a food court where they sell common Thai dishes, and there are tons of little shops around the mall selling all sorts of little nicknack-type things.

They do have an iStudio – which sells APPLE computers, monitors, iPhones, iPads, and accessories.

On the bottom floor, they have a couple of electronics stores that have Asus, Acer, and some Toshiba computers. They sell Samsung phones, and some other brands there too. In the Tesco upstairs on the second floor, they have Samsung phones too in the electronics section.

If you have kids, there is a little area for them to play electronic games – which will give you a break for 30 minutes if you’re tired of being on your feet.

Rainforest Tours in the Rain?

A pink orchid mantis found in Krabi rainforest during a night wildlife tour near Krabi Town.
A pink Orchid Mantis, we don’t find them often, but when we do it’s everyone’s favorite!

If it isn’t raining hard, it’s still worth it to take a rainforest tour through the forest to see what you can find. Many animals and bugs can still be found in light rain, and some bigger animals don’t mind it at all (and even prefer it!)

In the rain on field trips in Krabi we often find:

  • Frogs everywhere!
  • Snakes – Malayan pit vipers, Beautiful Pit Vipers, Pythons, Wolf Snakes, Blind Snakes, and some sleeping snakes like Whip Snakes, Bronzebacks, and Rat Snakes.
  • Mammals – Bats, Hog Badgers, Mouse Deer, Slow Lorises, Civets,
  • Lizards – Forest Crested Geckos, Canopy Lizards, Gliding Lizards
  • Geckos – Gliding Geckos, Tokay Geckos, House Geckos, Bent-toed Geckos
  • Insects – Moths and butterflies, Forest Nymphs,
  • Spiders – So many different species (dozens)
  • Birds – A few species of Owls and birds like the Hooded Pitta, Mangrove Pitta in some seasons

Where Can You Find Movies in Krabi?

There is a movie theater up on the second floor of Lotus’s on the way to the Krabi Airport. They sometimes (rarely) play English titles, but you can check.

If it’s the weekend and it’s raining, you’ll find many locals walking around the TESCO or BIG C shopping center for hours at a time. Some people can do that all day, eating their meals there and coming home after dinner. There is a game section for kids in both shopping areas, and plenty of places to grab a coffee, ice-cream, and meals.

Can you Exercise in Krabi when it’s Raining?

If it’s raining, it’s cool. That means it’s a great time to exercise, as long as there is no lightning. Running around Thara Park in Krabi Town, or along the beach sidewalk or road in Ao Nang, is nice in the rain. Another excellent thing to do when raining or just after a rain is to climb the Tiger Cave Temple steps at the temple. The cooler air makes the difficult climb it so much more tolerable. Then at the top, there are often clouds in your face, and it makes for some amazing photos.

A lot of people inadvertently end up at Emerald Pool or the Krabi Hot Springs while it’s raining, and that’s not too bad considering you’re going to get wet anyway. The Huay Toh Waterfall is another place you might consider.

What NOT To Do When It Rains in Krabi?

Ride a motorbike. Motorbikes (scooters) are dangerous enough when it isn’t raining. When it does rain, Thais drive like they have to get somewhere faster. It’s mayhem on the roads. Do not drive around on your motorbike when the roads are wet – you’re increasing your risk of an accident by a large factor.