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Krabi Jungle Tour – Real vs Fake

Swimming in Stream near jungle at Khao Phung Cave - Krabi, Thailand.
Jungle Tour near Khao Phanom National Park in Krabi, Thailand. (Seekrabi was our old site)

What Is a Krabi Jungle Tour?

Hiking or trekking, or riding a bike in the rainforest here in Krabi can be considered a ‘jungle tour.’ There are a couple of tours we’d consider. One we really wouldn’t consider to be a true Jungle Tour is the Crystal Pool tour, also called the Morakot Pool tour.

You walk either on a boardwalk or a wide dirt road through a jungle, sure, but you’re not really going to see anything but maybe a monitor lizard or some birds. You’re not even walking on a path through a jungle unless you go to the blue pool at the top, and that’s a very short path.

There are many of these “Tours” offered by agencies and some of them are not worth your time or money.

Krabi Night Wildlife Tour

This is truly a jungle tour. You walk around for 2.5 hours around and in the middle of primary rainforest jungles at the base of Khao Phanom mountain near Phanom in Krabi province. This is just outside town. You are physically walking through the jungle at some points.

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Krabi, Thailand night wildlife tours in rainforest.
Join a field trip through the forest looking for wildlife of all kinds. Bring your camera!

Krabi Khao Phanom Mountain Overnight Tour

Another true jungle tour. You walk up the 1,400-meter-high mountain you can see from Krabi town. This is the highest mountain in the province, and it is a national park that is the primary rainforest the entire trek up and down. You are walking on paths, and sometimes no path at all. There are lots of animals in the jungle here, and you can camp at the top. If interested, here’s our page on Overnight Tours >.

Krabi Ngorn Nak Jungle Trek Tour

This one is way over in Tub Kaek. It’s a walk up through the primary forest to the peak at 3.7 km and then back down the same trail. There is a stream along the side of the path sometimes, and there is a very small waterfall area near the top of the peak. We have a lot of information about this tour here:

Ngorn Nak Jungle Tour >

Krabi Elephant Jungle Tours

Due to the recent enlightenment, we’ve all had about how elephants are treated as they are ‘broken” as babies to be useful to companies making money off elephant trekking tours, we do NOT recommend going on any elephant tours in Thailand or anywhere else. Elephants sometimes kill their handlers because they are so abused.

The elephants lose their minds because they cannot take the horrible treatment any longer. I’ve seen an elephant beaten mercilessly with a bamboo stick just for not standing exactly 1 foot from where the tout wanted it to stand for the shower. I mean, he beat it like he was going to kill it. The sooner tourists stop taking elephant rides, the better!


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