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September Krabi Weather

Typical Rain in Krabi in September?

Rain is steadily increasing over June, July, August, and September begins the crazy rain that can go on for a week at a time and longer. September in Krabi is real soggy.

Is Lightning a Problem in September?

We almost never have lightning in September in Krabi, so you are probably going to be fine, even if you’re afraid of it.

September Skies

September skies are gloomy and filled with rain and other clouds. This is one of the gloomiest months we have every year, and the other is October.

The sky is probably cloudy 85% of the month. We still have some good days, but one out of seven is about the normal situation.

In the months of May to September is the ideal time-period to take a hike in Krabi up Ngon Nak mountain to see the views over Ao NangRailay, and Phi Phi Islands. However, in September you’ll get really muddy sometimes.

You may get 1-2 storms in September that have lightning. That would be a normal year.

Temperature in Krabi in September?

Temperature during days and nights in September in Krabi ranges between 25-32°C (77-90°F). If we have days of rain at a time the temperature probably won’t break 28°C so it stays nice and cool.


No need in September and October unless you’re lucky to get really strong sunny days.


The air is very humid in September, but it isn’t hot, so you don’t feel the humidity unless you’re trying to dry your freshly washed clothes outside and they never dry! We have this problem often at the height of the rainy season.

Mosquitos in Krabi in September?

Yes! We have Dengue Fever in Krabi, and September can be a bad month for it. The good news is, the air is so cool sometimes that the mozzies don’t come out to feed on us. The bad news is, when we get a warm day, they are everywhere and you will get bitten a lot during those days.

September is a bad month for the virus, so be careful to cover up and lather up with lotion to repel mosquitos.

What is a Usual September Like in Krabi?

Usually a September is filled with rain and we have about 10 dry days, sometimes 15 or 20. It depends on the year.

Does Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach Flood in Heavy Rain in September?

Not usually, but light flooding can occur anytime after it rains hard for a day or rains medium for two or more days in a row. The ground by September is saturated with rainwater and if it’s too much, areas will flood lightly.

We don’t have huge floods in Krabi like they do in Bangkok and to the North.

Is September a Good Time to Come to Krabi?

September is not a good time to visit Krabi if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities. You’ll be wet often and riding a motorbike or car in wet weather with the high number of accidents here is never recommended. Plan your trips for sometime outside the months of September and October and you’ll have a better chance of enjoying some pristine weather conditions.