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November Krabi Weather

What Is the Krabi Weather Like in November?

November is one of the months that can go either way for the weather every year. One year it can be perfect, with just a couple of hard rains and the rest sunshine and blue skies. Other years it can rain even worse than it did in September and October.

It’s impossible to guess whether this year will be one way or the other. If you can only book your Krabi visit during November, book it and hope for the best, like millions of other people do. There will almost surely be 10 out of 30 days of rain. Just know that and plan accordingly. I think a lot of shopping happens in November because tourists don’t know what else to do!

Does it Rain in November in Krabi?

It rains every November almost without fail. The number of rainy days varies from 4 to 25. It’s rare that we have a perfect November with only a couple of rains and the rest of it perfect, but it happens. Rain during an average November is every couple of days and groups of 2-5 days of rain that eventually clears up and allows you to go do your outdoors activities.

Is Lightning a Problem?

At the end of the year, we sometimes have a few lightning storms that roll through, but it isn’t too often. Maybe one out of 5 storms will have some lightning. I don’t remember ever having more than a couple of lightning storms in November in Krabi over the last 20 years.

Is Flooding a Problem in Krabi in November?

No, not usually. The ground is saturated with water though, so it is possible that with a couple of days of rain that we start to have landslides and light flooding all over Krabi Town and Ao Nang. We’d need some really hard rain in November for flooding to occur, so we usually don’t worry about it.

Our biggest flooding happened during March, a freak week of heavy rain that caused huge landslides.

What Is the Sky Like in Krabi in November?

The sky in November is frequently overcast and dark. The sun is blocked so it isn’t too hot. This is not a great month to visit Krabi or even Thailand for photography unless you like the dark dreary days for your landscape photography. Some do! We have a friend who comes from Germany who loves that kind of weather!

How’s the Humidity in November?

Beginning around December we usually get a significant drop in humidity. This lasts until around early March when the humidity returns with the change in direction of our weather. When the weather comes from China, it’s drier air. When from the sea, it’s quite a bit more humid.

So, November is still very humid and possibly one of the most humid months of the year in Krabi.

Is November a Good Month to Visit Krabi?

It’s a mixed bag, to be honest. We may still have heavy rains in November. If you don’t mind that, by all means come!

November is the beginning of Tourist Season for Thailand – and Krabi is driven by tourists from November through May each year. There will be many tourists coming during this time, but if it’s the time you want to come, then come!

If we were to rank the months from best to worst for coming to Krabi, it would go like this:

  • January – perfect skies, air, humidity, and temperature
  • February – like January
  • December – cooling off and far less rain
  • March – hot, but dry
  • June – rain starting, and cooling off slightly
  • July – like June
  • May – first good rains coming, but still hot
  • August – can have a lot of rain
  • November – raining very often
  • April – too hot
  • September – heavy rain
  • October – heaviest rain