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Krabi Zoo & Thailand Zoos Information in 2024

Where Is the Krabi Zoo?

Many people ask us if they can come and visit the Krabi Zoo filled with wildlife like tigers, leopards, owls, snakes, lizards, hog badgers, guar, elephants, monkeys, langurs, and more.

No, there is no Krabi Zoo in Krabi, and there has never been a zoo here in this province! Krabi has no zoo and none is planned.

Zoos in Thailand are a horrible scene with little or even no regulation in place by biologists or a team of people who care about how the animals are treated. Animals are underfed or fed complete garbage not natural to their environment and diet.

One such zoo is located in Sisaket, Thailand. It’s actually in the public park there. It’s a real horror show. There are cows with genetic mutations like extra legs growing out of their shoulder area. The large animals all look like they could die any minute.

It’s a small zoo and they charge an admission. Please don’t give money to these exploitative organizations.

Across the country, there are other places that keep animals confined. These are wild-caught animals in many instances and they are not well fed. Their diet is not taken into account. In some cases, like in Thailand snake shows, the snakes are tormented and teased relentlessly for sometimes a dozen snake shows each day until they finally die of stress or not eating.

Monkeys at some of these shows and other Thailand monkey shows are beaten when they don’t perform their ‘tricks’ correctly. We’ve seen this dozens of times behind the scenes.

Why Avoid Thailand Zoos?

Thailand Zoos deprive animals of their natural habitats. Wild animals have adapted to live in specific environments with certain climate conditions, food sources, and social structures. When they are taken from the wild and placed in zoos they are often forced to live in unnatural conditions that can lead to stress, boredom, and illness.

Thailand Zoos can be harmful to animals’ physical and mental health. Animals in zoos often exhibit signs of stress, such as pacing, self-mutilation, and aggression. They may also suffer from physical problems, such as obesity, joint problems, and respiratory infections. At some of the tiger zoos, investigations have shown that they tranquilize the tigers so they are calmer for tourists who insist on taking pictures with their arms around them or in other close contact.

Thailand Zoos can promote a false sense of conservation. Many zoos claim to be educational institutions that help to conserve endangered species. However, the reality is that most zoos do little to actually help endangered species or to educate anyone about the creatures found in their zoos. In fact, some zoos have been accused of contributing to the decline of wild populations by taking animals from the wild and breeding them in captivity. This happens every day in Thailand with Thaigers, Elephants, Cobras, Monkeys, etc.

Zoos exploit animals for profit. Zoos are businesses that make money by charging admission to visitors. The animals in zoos are often treated as commodities, and their welfare is often secondary to the financial bottom line.

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